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Al-Saffar, M., 2022.

Future Cities

Output Type:Presentation
Venue:MA Architecture & Urbanism, Manchester School of Architecture

The important thing is to realize what we need for our future cities and put systems that serve those future requirements in a sustainable and integrated way. "Despite initial attempts to consolidate future cities lexicon into a globally agreed set of terms, there is still no established and authoritative set of meanings. Smart cities, for example, are still associated with either sensor and household data, integrated citywide systems management, or the social and economic knowledge of citizens. Liveable cities may refer to cultural and diversity assets, environmental quality, or even daily convenience. Sustainable cities may signal low-carbon energy usage, green space, and transport, or neighbourhood participation" (Clark et al., 2014). In other words, the main ideas of future cities are still not yet determined. Competitive dynamics drive the decisions made by corporations, while those made by governments and decision-makers often represent aesthetic and political decisions rather than a clear understanding of distinct meanings.