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Al-Saffar, M., 2019.

Research Methodology

Output Type:Presentation
Venue:MA Architecture & Urbanism, Manchester School of Architecture

Fieldwork and Data Collection

1. Determining the Case Study Area. (Case Study Chosen, Information, Historical Background, Existing Physical Condition, The Main Urban Components)
2. Gathering Comprehensive Maps and Plans prepared for the case study.
3. Data collection: A structured interview is utilized for gathering data for the quantitative approach and for the qualitative approach walking with serial vision strategies is utilized.
4. Collecting Observational Data
5. The Walking Method for Assessing the Area
6. Serial Vision as a Method for Assessing the Area: Site visits to update and assess the historic and architectural value, buildings uses, historic and traditional buildings, building heights and the structural condition of historical and traditional buildings in the case study area.
7. Collecting Interview Data