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Stone, S., Sanderson, L., 2021.


Output Type:Chapter in a book
Publication:Emerging Practices in Architectural Pedagogy
Pagination:pp. 1-15

All educational practices are beginning to use methods of learning where knowledge is acquired on a need-to-know basis rather than using a universal approach of instilling particular facts into the student. But the facilitation of this need-to-know process has a difficult and somewhat hazy methodology. Architecture is a unique discipline that is widely connected to other subjects. Therefore the future of architectural education can be examined through the prism of several directly related disciplines, including urban planning, spatial design, interior architecture, exhibition design, construction and environmental engineering, and, of course, architecture itself. The cross-disciplinary/inter-disciplinary approaches also create an environment where scholars from other cultural backgrounds and contexts, and from different disciplinary interests can learn from each other, creating a dynamic and productive environment for effective learning. The chapter also presents an overview on the key concepts discussed in this book.