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Page, R., Fox, S., Preston, YW., Lee, S., Bonnell, S., Parry, G., Skorska, E., Howe, S., Robinshaw, J., Jones, A., Waltering, S., 2022.

Paper Geographies - A collective exhibition of staff and students photographs from MMU/SODA

Output Type:Exhibition
Venue:Artelier Alonso, Arles France
Dates:4/7/2022 - 11/7/2022
Number of Works:40

Paper Geographies is a collection of 24 artists who use photography to explore relationships between materiality and space. The expanded field of photography is represented by works that challenge the medium's own specificity; including documentary and appropriated imagery, performance and sculpture, moving image, analogue processes, digital and 3D animation. The diversity of practice asks the viewer to consider how the physicality of the photographic image impinges on our sense of the place in the world.