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Koskela, L., Pikas, E., Gomes, D., Biotto, C., Talebi, S., Rahim, N., Tzortzopoulos, P., 2016.

Towards shared understanding on common ground, boundary objects and other related concepts

Output Type:Conference paper
Publication:IGLC 2016 - 24th Annual Conference of the International Group for Lean Construction
Pagination:pp. 63-72

Since Aristotle, it has repeatedly been stressed that for engaging in meaningful discussion or debate, the discussion parties must share, besides a language, also knowledge, information, values and goals. What do we know today about this issue? How can that knowledge be used and advanced? The purpose of this paper is to consolidate our understanding on the many concepts that refer to preconditions for communication and collaboration in construction projects. The underlying research is conceptual by nature, and it is underpinned by a literature review. The findings show that currently there is a wide variety of terms and theoretical approaches that refer to the discussed phenomena. This situation invites for a conceptual synthesis and empirical research for its validation.