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Allen, C., 2022.

A broken covenant

Output Type:Chapter in a book
Publication:The Politics of Street Trees
Brief Description/Editor(s):Woudstra, J., Allen, C.
Pagination:pp. 110-122

A residential avenue in Sheffield became one of the most divisive focal points in the protest against tree felling in Sheffield when the century-old memorial to soldiers who died during the World War One was threatened with felling. At the same time, other commemorative avenues planted during and after the war were also earmarked for removal and as a conciliatory gesture, new memorial avenues were proposed in Sheffield's parks. Yet the replacement of old with new presents more issues than it resolves: how legible would the new plantings be? Is it possible to 'move' a living memorial? And was the act of commemoration most meaningful in its first inception at the end of the conflict 100 years ago? This paper frames the trees of Western Road within pre and post-war attitudes towards tree planting, afforestation, and living memorials in Sheffield and beyond, and asks what lessons can be learned for their future care and maintenance.