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Marinucci, S., 2022.

Artisan Voices: dialogues for sustainable practices

Output Type:Report
Brief Description/Editor(s):Commissioned by The British Council
Publisher:The British Council

The British Council's Crafting Futures global program celebrates the value of artisanship in our history, our culture and the current world. Fomenting dialogues in the intersection between the artisanal sector and other disciplines, the initiative brings together artisans, designers, organizations and others from
all over the world with the purpose of exploring potential
sustainable futures.Under this premise, research was carried out in Argentina between 2019 and 2021
to gather the experiences and points of view of participants in the joint processes of creation and knowledge exchange. The survey, created together with REDIT (Federal Inter-University Network for Fashion
and Textile Design) and under the advice of India's Craft Revival Trust, reached more than 570 people. Whenever possible, considering the limitations imposed
by the pandemic, in-person meetings and round-table discussions were carried out, which included the contributions of specialists of this sector. The work methodology and information gathered can be reviewed in the report "Crafting Futures: Exploración del ecosistema artesanal en Argentina".