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Fox, S., Ryder, L., Harrison, V., Ayres, J., Chadwick, HH., Taylor-Wood, H., 2022.

'The Sex Lectures' featuring Sue Fox reading from 'Cocks & The Apocalypse'

Output Type:Performance
Venue:Antony Burgess Foundation

In this inspiring evening, speakers with unique and cutting-edge views will share their ideas in thought-provoking 12 min talks, hosted by Roger Bygott and Alison Pilling for old time's sake. The talks range from modern sex education to musings on the mystery of erotic encounters. An enjoyable gathering amongst sex-positive friends and humans, interested in what creatives and conscious sexuality professionals have to offer in this realm.Good, intimate connection can offer both connection and pleasure. It's human to be fascinated by the erotic, yet we're wondering how we move beyond current realities to a greater understanding of the power of sexuality for connection, consent, creativity, awareness and pleasure.