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Bower, P., Curtin, E., Gidman, A., Weir, H., 2022.

Switch Off and Swim

Output Type:Exhibition
Venue:Withington Baths, Manchester
Dates:7/7/2022 - 30/9/2022
Number of Works:10

In 2019 students from Liverpool University School of Architecture used their imagination to explore ideas for how Withington Baths could be developed. Lecturer Anna Gidman was working with Withington Baths on projects to conserve and develop the existing building. Through this connection, students met staff, visited the existing facilities and developed projects creating a future vision for the building and surrounding site.

Collaborating with an independent community-based client and exploring how to work with an existing historic building were extremely valuable to the students. The drawings and models exhibited here are some of the highlights of ideas and designs they developed.

Working on this project was a great experience for both tutors and students to consider these challenges in a creative way. We are very grateful to Withington Baths for welcoming us, sharing their ideas and giving us access to the building.