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Tan, KS., 2023.

A 'Tentacular Pedagogy' to Lead 2050

Output Type:Performance
Venue:European League of Institutes of the Arts' Teachers Academy (ELIA) Academy bootcamp
Dates:24/11/2021 - 4/2/2022



Will higher arts education become extinct in 2050? Sorry, is that too grim? Let's flip it around. What should art schools, teachers, students, managers, cleaners, deans, janitors change, so that we can lead change and thrive in, with and for the next generation? Since you asked me, I'll recommend growing tentacles. This was my new keynote lecture for European League of Institutes of the Arts' Teachers Academy (ELIA), a European Network for higher arts education with >300,000 members in 282 institutions in 48 countries Europe, N and S Americas, and Australia and Asia. The event, entitled <the extended art student> explores the idea of transferable creative intelligence and the concept of the 'extended artist', which will continue in Brussels in February 2022. My keynote was the premier of the framework of 'Tentacular Pedagogy', and was entitled A Tentacular Pedagogy to Lead 2050. This session is a playful provocation and sweaty speed-date (20-minutes of allure!) to invite us to consider how stakeholders of higher arts education can up our game, amid a volatile moment of multiple global crises, and towards a more creative equitable and ecosystem, through art, artistic processes, artful agitation and 'neurodivergent leadership'.