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Tan, KS., 2023.

An exploration of running as metaphor, methodology, material through the RUN! RUN! RUN! Biennale #r3fest 2016

Output Type:Chapter in a book
Publication:Interrelationships Between Sport and the Arts
Brief Description/Editor(s):Long, J., Sandle, D.

This paper runs through the RUN! RUN! RUN! Biennale's origins, curatorial framework, and its potential future impact. Also known as #r3fest, the Biennale is an interdisciplinary programme exploring running as an arts and humanities discourse. Exploring running as creative material, metaphor and methodology, the 2016 edition
threw a spotlight on live art, drawings, films and activities by practitioners in the arts, academia and NGOs which have hitherto been underrepresented in dominant discourses in the emerging field of 'Running Studies'. The paper raises philosophical questions about the synergies between arts and sport. Examples of practice across
visual and performance art locate RUN! RUN! RUN! and the paper in the area of curating, suggesting a new way of considering how arts and sports can be organized, considered and presented. My aims include: widening the current discourse, inviting curators, artists and academics to consider and generate yet other experiments that activate running as creative material, metaphor and methodology, and challenging existing assumptions in the arts about sport.