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Tan, KS., 2021.

Running Artfully Network: curatorial intervention and creative research

Output Type:Exhibition
Dates:26/2/2021 - 26/2/2021




(How) Can art and running be magically/messily entangled to catalyse a more equitable and creative future?

The Running Artfully Network launch on Friday 26/2 10-17:00 GMT featured plenty of sweaty, gutsy, bloody good art-inspired running and running inspired art that matters, that makes the heart skip a beat, or two, that makes you gulp, gasp, on the cusp of tears. The films, poetry, performances and proclamations were by: Fio Adamson, Véronique Chance, Beth Clayton, Kathryn Cooper, Lynn Denisson, Andrew Filmer, Gongle, Kathryn Lawson Hughes, Taey Iohe, Manjeet Mann, Victoria Ohuruogu, Natalie Pace, David Sidley, Dan Simpson, James Steventon, Matti Tainio, Kai Syng Tan, Nik Wakefield, Sharon Wilson and Chris Wright.

The new RAN was founded by Kai with James Steventon (Director, Fermynwoods Contemporary Art), Veronique Chance (Senior Lecturer, Anglia Ruskin University), Lisa Stansbie (Dean of Leeds School of Art; Fields of Vision and Axisweb lead), Matti Tainio (University of Turku, Pori University Consortium, Finland), Elisa Herera Altamirano (Capicúa Mov Lab lead, Mexico/Spain) and Beth Clayton (UK) (see photo below). The launch was supported by Anglia Ruskin University, Arts Council England, Fermynwoods Contemporary Art, Manchester School of Art and RUN! RUN! RUN!. Technical wizardry was by Martin Steed (hiding in photo below). RAN is a new artist-led iteration of RUN! RUN! RUN! founded by Kai Syng Tan. Since 2014, this has helped to widen 'Running Studies' as a creative and more inclusive discourse, away from elite bodyminds and from sport, and which has been covered in Guardian (2014), BBC (2017) and presented the work of 40 runners, artists and academics across 5 venues including a stadium in Cardiff and Paris School of Culture, and formed an 90-member global Running Cultures Research Group.