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Lo, L., Pinchbeck, M., 2022.

Talking Trees / ??/??

Output Type:Performance
Venue:University of Nottingham Botanical Garden

Michael Pinchbeck worked with Dr Lan Lo on Talking Trees/??/?? (2021), an immersive archive of stories site-specific to two trees from China. The stories, told by Chinese speakers in English and Mandarin, explore the notion of roots/routes and how trees have grown over time as a metaphor for migration and belonging. One tree represents the idea of 'leaving home' while the other, the idea of 'arriving home'. An immersive audio-walk links the two trees at the University of Nottingham's botanical garden to create an aural landscape. Co-created with Dr Lan Lo (University of Nottingham) and Chris Cousin (De Montfort University). Supported by Manchester School of Art, University of Nottingham and the Nottingham Confucius Institute. The project will continue in 2022/23 so this portfolio is iterative and will develop further.

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