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Pinchbeck, M., Babbage, F., 2026.

Ways of Staging: The Berger and Mohr Trilogy

Output Type:Book

This publication critically frames a body of new devised theatre, collectively titled The Berger & Mohr Trilogy. The three performances - A Fortunate Man (dir. Pinchbeck, 2018), A Seventh Man (dir. Pinchbeck & Smith, 2020) and Another Way of Telling (dir. Pinchbeck, 2023) - set out to adapt three books of the same names (respectively published 1967, 1975 and 1982) co-authored by iconic art critic John Berger and photographer Jean Mohr. Ways of Staging situates these adaptations: first, within a history that charts Berger's longstanding relationship with theatre (including his own stage and screen plays, collaborations with practitioners, and prior adaptations of his works); and second, alongside a set of critical, reflexive essays examining key themes that connect the adaptations and their dramaturgy to wider discourses of contemporary performance. In this way, the publication is intended both as a critical companion to a body of work that has toured extensively, both nationally and internationally, and as a critically challenging, inspirational contribution to existing scholarship on new dramaturgies and performance intertextualities. In addition, through its focus on non-fiction source texts that are visual as much as verbal, and their translation to performance via experimental, site-specific and/or immersive vocabularies, Ways of Staging extends and complicates current understanding of postdramatic performance modes.