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Norman, S.A., Crompton, E., 2023.

Our Proud Past: A community photography exhibition of Manchester's LGBT+ Centre

Output Type:Exhibition
Dates:28/6/2023 - 6/9/2023
Number of Works:30

Large scale photography exhibition at Kampus. I have agreement with Kampus to make use of their large-scale photographic exhibition stands in the courtyard space between 28 June - 6 September. Kampus are also supporting the exhibition with an opening party on 28th June (stonewall's anniversary). The dates of the exhibition coincides with international, national and local Pride seasons.

The exhibition will be photos of the 1988 Manchester LGBT+ Centre and community groups who have met/ meet there, as well as photos of community groups meeting at the new LGBT+ Centre (which opened in 2022). This will help promote the new Centre being open to the public and disseminate outputs of research activities of the 'Documenting Demolition' project.
I gained full Ethical Approval from MMU ahead of any photos being taken. Photos included in the exhibition will be subject to approval from The Proud Trust which maintains document control and Sally Ann Norman, who maintains copyright.
There are 10 large display boards as well as an introductory board. Photos will be displayed in sets of three.
1. the first photo is of the old Centre occupied by groups
2. the second photo is of the old Centre empty (just before demolition)
3. the third photo is of the new Centre occupied by groups

There will be information provided about the groups, the Centre and services which operate from there.