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Zhang, W., Walker, S., Evans, M., Humphreys, P., 2023.

'The Located Making Framework' for Sustainable Enterprise

Output Type:Chapter in a book
Publication:Value Creation for a Sustainable World: Innovating for Ecological Regeneration and Human Flourishing
Brief Description/Editor(s):Zsolnai, L., Walker, T., Shrivastava, P.
Publisher:Palgrave Macmillan
Pagination:pp. 153-186

This research investigates place-based maker enterprises, delineates their practices through the lens of sustainability, and explores the potential of design to support their long-term development. We conducted field research in three distinct regions of the world: Santa Fe in the Southwestern United States, which is renowned as a major centre of traditional crafts; Cumbria in Northwest England, where a number of traditional but endangered craft enterprises are located; and the Yellow River Valley in Central China, where UNESCO's Intangible Cultural Heritage Convention plays a significant role in regional and national support of traditional practices. We carried out over 50 in-depth interviews with makers, enterprise owners, and craft-related support organisations. Key findings from case studies in different regions include (1) connections to place and the values and motivations of the makers or enterprise owners, (2) strong connections between craft making practices and sustainability; (3) a variety of business models for aligning the enterprise with sustainability; and (4) potential opportunities for designers to contribute to maker enterprises. From this information and its analysis, a practical 'located making framework' is developed for supporting sustainable development in small-scale maker enterprises.