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Niedderer, K., Fung, P.L., 2023.

Living the life: evidence-based design and evaluation of psychosocial interventions with people with dementia

Output Type:Conference paper
Presented at:IASDR 2023: Life-Changing Design
Publication:IASDR 2023: Life-Changing Design
Venue:Milan, Italy
Publisher:Design Research Society
Dates:9/10/2023 - 13/10/2023

Design is increasingly recognised as an important means to create and deliver psychosocial interventions for people living with early to mid-stage dementia to help manage impacts on cognitive and psychosocial health. Managing them is important, especially for people with a recent diagnosis, who may live 10 or more years and who want to live well. However, interventions often lack a sound evidence base, both in terms of designing as well as evaluation. This paper argues for the need to promote and further evidence-based designing and evaluation, using the example of the Living the Life mindful-reflective booklet, an evidence-based, self-administered psychosocial intervention, co-designed during the XXX project. The booklet was designed to help people with early-stage dementia to adjust to their everyday living, including relieving stress and maintaining social connections. This paper reflects on the evidence-based approach for its design and the methodology for its evaluation.