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Pinchbeck, M., Smith, O., 2024.

The Exposition

Output Type:Chapter in a book
Brief Description/Editor(s):Pinchbeck, M., Smith, O.
Publisher:Intellect, Bristol
Pagination:pp. 1-9

'The Exposition' outlines motivations for writing and editing this book about The Ravel Trilogy (2014-18). It specifically examines intersections between music, theatre and scores, reframing definitions of immersive performance towards an immersive musicology. This chapter introduces methodologies and practical techniques utilized in the devising of The Ravel Trilogy, and analyzes the dynamic relationship between music and theatre. It explores notions of scoring theatre from musical scores and how the work belongs to the emergent genres of concert theatre, composed theatre, and orchestral theatre.

We follow the tripartite structure of Exposition/Development/Recapitulation. 'The Exposition' is our introduction to the work's themes, and the themes of each contributor's response to it. 'The Development' refers to our reflections on the development of each performance, with specific reference to their departure from the musical scores. 'The Recapitulation' is our return to the themes explored by the work and our attempt to form a conclusion.