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Pinchbeck, M., Smith, O., 2024.

The Development

Output Type:Chapter in a book
Brief Description/Editor(s):Pinchbeck, M., Smith, O.
Publisher:Intellect, Intellect
Pagination:pp. 10-24

This chapter offers critical and creative insight into the dramaturgical decision-making process behind The Ravel Trilogy. Influenced by Barba's tripartite model of dramaturgy, including the organic, narrative and evocative levels of scenic development, the chapter maps key milestones on the journey of each performance, spotlighting examples of our devising process in action, and demonstrating how the pieces enter into ongoing intertextual dialogue. The chapter proceeds in three stages, 'Making Bolero: (Un)Ravelling the score', 'Making Concerto: Inhabiting the score', and 'Making Solo: Embodying the score'.

We follow the tripartite structure of Exposition/Development/Recapitulation. 'The Exposition' is our introduction to the work's themes, and the themes of each contributor's response to it. 'The Development' refers to our reflections on the development of each performance, with specific reference to their departure from the musical scores. 'The Recapitulation' is our return to the themes explored by the work and our attempt to form a conclusion.