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Talk #114

Alex Crocker

Alex Crocker is a painter who is currently the Freelands Fellow in Painting at Manchester School of Art. He is interested in the intersections between the graphic and figurative, and the compression of light and composition into surface. He explores the tension that rises between the agency of paint and the making of an image, the flow between the impetus to make an image, the formal attributes of painting that the image filters through, and the crystallisation of the final painting.

Alex graduated from the Royal College of Art in 2009 and the University of Brighton in 2005. He completed a residency at the De Ateliers institute in Amsterdam between 2016-2018. Recent exhibitions include, Thought Forms, PS Mirabel, Manchester (2022), Block-ck-ck, w/ Anna Brass, Outpost Studios Project Space, Norwich (2021), End Cottage, Taco!, London (2020), How Small a Thought, Margate, (2019).