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Talk #81

Dani Abulhawa

Dani Abulhawa is a British-Palestinian interdisciplinary artist who has been making work since 2005. She is a lecturer in contemporary applied performance at the University of Leeds and her background and training are in performance, movement and skateboarding. Dani is a co-founder of Accumulations - a collective of dance/movement artists and a supportive network for the development of experimental movement, dance, and performance. She is an ambassador for skateboarding charity, SkatePal and a director of Skate Manchester, which involves coordinating and delivering community-based skateboarding projects within the city. Dani is the author of Skateboarding and Femininity: Gender, Space-making and Expressive Movement. Dani has presented work nationally and internationally. She is currently working on a performance exploring political walls and borders, which she will present in October at The Holden Gallery in Manchester. Dani will perform in the show alongside her father.

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