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Alecs Pierce embraces the interdisciplinary with his eco-philosophical Degree Show work

20 June 2017

Part of our Degree Show series

To celebrate the Manchester School of Art Degree Show, we will be focusing on some of the artists and designers showcasing their work. In our previous instalment, Interior Design student Ellie Stocks shared her insights and experiences, and now we hear from Interactive Arts exhibitor Alecs Pierce.

‘I work within both art and music as a performer, researcher, composer and producer to create and combine exploratory, often educational forms.’

‘Broadly, my work consists of research into the systems that determine Earthly experience (be they geological, ecological, psychological, cultural etc.) and subsequently reconfiguring and assembling this information into absorbable pieces of something either art or music-like.

Frequently, the results fall somewhere between these non-delineated categories. Current artwork is concerned with a specific plant (Magwort) and its knotted relationships with humanity, specifically those of eco-philosophical resonance.'

‘Throughout my time at Manchester School of Art, I have been encouraged to develop my inquisitive approach to making.’

‘Although I was already engaged in independent practice before attending, my ability to create cohesive, refined work has been strengthened hugely during my time here.

Interactive Arts does not prioritise the creation of products over ideas; the two remain in equal partnership. When combined with more theory-focused units, this has supported my expanding capacity for applying deep research to all my output.

I consider this climate of open-mindedness and criticality to have had a profound effect on my process.’

‘My Erasmus exchange semester at Bergen Academy of Art and Design afforded me the notable opportunity of producing my first solo show.’

‘And Manchester School of Art has provided me with a number of opportunities to exhibit, from Unit X showcases to student-led exhibitions in and out of the School, of I have taken part in several.

Through participating in the climates of these two art academies, I have come to better understand how to form my work in consideration of other, and of the space it inhabits. With this in mind, I believe the School might further encourage the use of its spaces with the aim of aiding the crucial advancement of student’s exhibition practice.’

‘I sense that the unique characteristics of Interactive Arts will have a lasting impact on my ability to navigate the constantly shifting, and increasingly unstable, climates of our World.’

‘The degree’s emphasis on developing interdisciplinary thought and action has helped me to nurture particular tendencies of mine to find ideas and inspiration in the cracks.

I intend to move onto MA level education and beyond, and suspect that the attributes I have been encouraged to establish will help set me apart, whatever tasks I am faced with. My goals are varied, and this degree has done everything to encourage the view that they are all possible.’

You can see Alecs' work in our Degree Show until 21 June, and can find out more about his work and practice through his Degree Show profile.