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Alan Jones

Senior Lecturer

As a practicing photographer, my work slides in to two facets; commercial work, which involves the submission of images to a London based agent/ library, chiefly working with book publishers and record companies. I use a broad range of photographic image making processes. The nature of my research is based around the social structure of the domestic space and the confluence between contemporary anthropology and contemporary art. These are areas within which cultural meanings are made and debated. Both have specific sites of investigation, cultural reproduction, gender, memory in- common, the concept of non- space, the banal and the every day is also of interest to me. All my work runs in conjunction with my interest in contact processes, and non- silver printing, in turn, the revealing the unseen through the process of employing scale and time.



Exploring the concerns of moments and the anatomy of time, within photography and the landscape, (seascape). Experimenting with exposure and the latitude of film and paper. Details…


Alan Jones is a member of:

A selection of recent research outputs.


Jones, A., 2006. " not just another f******* story, T.B.A, T.B.C.

waiting/ videoUntitled 2005

Jones, A., 2005. sex death and flat pack furniture, Holden gallery Manchester, 2005.


Jones, A., 2016. 'Flight', Manchester School of Art.