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The Discovery Centre, WInchester

Winchester Discovery Centre, Textile Commission
January 2006-July 2007

A major public artwork in embroidery, commissioned on a scale which has never previously been undertaken.
This commission will receive widespread coverage through the media and offers the opportunity to extend the range of stitch practice into architectural spaces and on a significant scale.
The work which measures 16.5 x 3m is an embroidered panel, narrative in theme which seeks to use machine embroidery as a drawing tool, and a means of construction. A densely stitched surface will contain a variety of approaches, and integrate pieces produced by others as part of the design.
The work will be permanently sited in the foyer of the new Discovery Centre, Winchester.
The size and time scale of the work has required the research and development both in terms of stitch practice, and the establishment of a studio situation where students are involved in production. It is a process which integrates and researches different machine produced stitch, such as multi head, free machine embroidery, the use of the Irish machine, and the omni stitch machine.

The process of making will be on display from Jan-July 2007 at Winchester Guildhall.
A proposed film of is to be undertaken at MMU.
The project is to be documented in a future publication.
An educational project to include seminars and lectures will run alongside the production of the work.

Commissioned by Hampshire County Council, who have funded the commissioning of the project.
GS UK Ltd have provided software for the duration of the project to develop new design processes.
ACE have funded the purchase of Multihead machine to develop stitch methodology.
Winchester City Council have provided workspace and exhibition space to disseminate the process of working of this project.
MMU have provided the support for research development and been the key involvement in partnership with student and design development. They are also involved in producing a video as a document of the process.

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