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Professor Alice Kettle

Professor of Textile Arts

Professor Alice Kettle

Alice Kettle is a contemporary textile/fibre artist based in the UK. She has established a unique area of practice by her use of a craft medium, consistently and on an unparalleled scale.

Her stitched works, many the size of huge figurative tapestries, exploit the textures and effects made possible through the harnessing of a mechanical process to intuitive and creative ends.

She is currently a Professor in Textile Arts in MIRIAD Manchester School of Art at Manchester Metropolitan University.

Her work is represented in various public collections such as the Crafts Council London, the Whitworth Art Gallery in Manchester, the Museo Internationale delle Arti Applicate Oggi, Turin, Italy. Commissions include the National Library of Australia, the Scottish High Court in Edinburgh, Gloucester and Winchester Cathedrals and the School of Music & Drama at Manchester University.



Nov 2009 –March 2010 The Crafts Study centre Farnham, University of the Creative Arts and UK tour The exhibition takes as its starting point the great painting by Poussin A Dance to the Music of Time in the Wallace collection, London. Alice Kettle brings her formidable skill and a dramatic painterly sense of colour and narrative to bear on this painting to create a remarkable sequence of machine-stitched works. Details…

Collaboration Through Craft

The publication ‘Collaboration through Craft’ investigates the current theoretical debates about the collaborative/social power of craft (e.g. Details…

India Residency

01/07/11 – 14/07/11 Arts Reverie In Ahmedebad India with Pushpa Kumari. As part A Fine Line’s ongoing ‘Craft (Made in India): Who Cares?’ and MIRIAD Manchester School of Art. Details…


Loss New project with Jules Findley Chichester Cathedral 2012 A project which explores issues of loss. The project focuses on personal loss and the wider context of loss reflecting social political agendas. Details…

Lost Certainty

Contemporary Applied Arts London Claire Curneen and Alice Kettle 06/05/11 - 11/06/11 Whilst we are distinctly ourselves in this exhibition at CAA there are nevertheless reflections and musings between each of the individual pieces. Since both artist’s work is figurative in theme, there is something of a conversation between works both as single subjects and within the collective group. Details…

Machine Embroidery Perspectives

A key reference on machine embroidery co authored with Jane McKeating. This volume will show the range of embroidery practice evident in the embroidery programme at Manchester School of Art, and include contributions from various members of staff and samples from the programme archive. Details…

Making Stories IBook

Making stories by Alice Kettle Insa Langhorst Huw Wahl “Craft can offer methods of enquiry, can transform modes of learning in schools and can teach us to examine how we live in a material world.” In October 2012 the Making It project brought crafts makers, educators and the general public together in a three day event of workshops, live demonstrations and talks that was buzzing with energy. Details…

Telling Fortunes

[b[Platt Hall Gallery of Costume, Manchester 15th September to 31st December 2010[/b[ Alice Kettle has drawn on the Gallery of Costumes' collections of gloves and embroidery to inspire her latest piece of work. She finds Platt Hall “a treasure trove; magical, awe inspiring [and] a compendium of textile history and the stories of lives passed. Details…

The Discovery Centre, WInchester

Winchester Discovery Centre, Textile Commission January 2006-July 2007 A major public artwork in embroidery, commissioned on a scale which has never previously been undertaken. This commission will receive widespread coverage through the media and offers the opportunity to extend the range of stitch practice into architectural spaces and on a significant scale. Details…

The Garden of England

The research investigates ornamentation and symbolism in textile motif to define status and signify identity. The investigation enquires into the status of women within marriage in formalised societal structures and its representation in textile. Details…

Thread Bearing Witness

The Whitworth, Manchester Sept 2018 –April 2019 A major two venue project presenting new monumental textile works considering refugee displacement and movement. It includes significant new works by Alice Kettle & collaborative works with refugees from Dunkirk, North West & South England made through contribution and co-creation. Details…


A major solo touring exhibition of a group of work based on Homer’s epic poem ‘The Odyssey’. ‘Alice Kettle explores and pushes the technical boundaries of embroidery, challenging our preconceptions and revolutionising textiles as an art form. Details…


Alice Kettle is a member of the Design Research Hub.


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The Dreams of Urim and Thummin

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Rite of Passage, detailBag of Winds, detailBag of WindsLotos Eaters , detailLotos EatersRite of Passage

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Ground detailSea

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