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A major solo touring exhibition of a group of work based on Homer’s epic poem ‘The Odyssey’.

‘Alice Kettle explores and pushes the technical boundaries of embroidery, challenging our preconceptions and revolutionising textiles as an art form. Kettle’s work is often described as possessing a shimmering quality about it – a conversation between colour and line and light. Her work is full of energy, allowing swathes of colour and texture to run across the entire cloth. The sumptuous surface invites one to explore in all directions and leads the viewer to discover fine detail.’
Southampton City Art Gallery

‘It is the highly personal visual language of machine stitched embroidery that she has developed, and her bold overturning of embroidery’s paradigms of scale and form, which have set her distinctively apart, almost in a category of her own making.’
David Briers, Crafts Magazine May/June 2004

Hosted by The Bankfield Museum in Halifax the exhibition toured 10 UK venues from January 2003 until November 2005. The exhibition sought to bring together a body of work which described the journey of this classic narrative, making connections through works on a variety of scales and two and three dimensional forms. The journey is expressed in terms of linear imagery, the rhythm of a sea voyage with all the inherent encounters and challenges. It is a journey of self discovery.

Southern Arts Association through a Major Development Award,
Arts Council of England National Touring Programme.

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Rite of Passage, detailRite of Passage, detail
Bag of Winds, detailBag of Winds, detail
Bag of WindsBag of Winds
Lotos Eaters , detailLotos Eaters , detail
Lotos EatersLotos Eaters
Rite of PassageRite of Passage
Odyssey, detailOdyssey, detail
Odyssey, detailOdyssey, detail