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Wonderland: the art of becoming human

Website: Wonderland: the art of becoming human
Film: Wonderland: the art of becoming human

Wonderland is an artistic research project by and for people in recovery from substance use disorder and/or mental health issues. It is part of a new, North West social movement, under the proactive slogan of Recoverism, allied to the arts, harnessing social change and emancipation by re-framing cultural identities around substance use disorder. Working with the artist Cristina Nuñez and her self-portrait method (The Self-Portrait Experience®), researchers, partners and participants came together in Manchester in 2016 to find out how artistic research can further recovery journeys. The research produced a film, a series of self-portraits, work by Nuñez, an RIF award-nominated film (with artist Huw Wahl), a series of artist books, academic articles and an online exhibition. Findings from the project were showcased interactively at the Utopia Fair, Somerset House, June 2016.

Wonderland is a partnership between Dr Amanda Ravetz of MSA, who was project P.I., Mark Prest of PORe, Michaela Jones from in2recovery, Alistair Sinclair from UKRF, ECR Lucy Wright and members of GMRF and UKRF.

The project was supported through follow on funding for the development of aspects of an earlier project Co-producing legacy: What is the role of artists within Connected Communities projects? P.I Professor Kate Pahl.

Mark Prest and Amanda Ravetz are currently working on research for a project called Reveal, funded by The Exchange Collaborative Research Awards, which will develop findings from the Wonderland Project.

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