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Professor Amanda Ravetz

Professor Emerita

Professor Amanda Ravetz

Amanda Ravetz is a visual anthropologist with research interests and expertise in the interdisciplinary connections between anthropology and art/design; and art, arts infrastructure and social justice.

Recent research projects, funded by the Arts and Humanities Research Council: "Safedi - social artists for equality, diversity and inclusion' 2021 - 2022, and 'Odd: feeling different in the world of education' 2018-2021.

Amanda studied fine art at the Central School of Art and Design, London and later completed a masters in Social Anthropology and a doctorate in Social Anthropology with Visual Media at the University of Manchester. Her doctoral research explored the possibilities of image-based media for sensory and environmental anthropology through a study of vision, knowledge and place-making in an English town.

In 2004 after teaching at the Granada Centre for Visual Anthropology Amanda joined Manchester School of Art on a three year full time AHRC Fellowship to pursue research into "Contemporary Convergence of Aesthetics and Ethnography”.

Post graduate research students:

Thomas Dukes 2020- Castlefield Gallery and the Curatorial Project: forming new perspectives, from the past, through ‘play’.

William Titley, 2015-2023 A critical enquiry into my personal experiences, methodologies and processes as a SEA artist

Anne-Marie Atkinson 2018-2023 Challenging Outsider Art: How are learning disabled artists informing contemporary art?

Aisling Marks 2019-2023 Reimagining relations of learning through an investigation into artist-led pedagogy in times of crisis.

L. Cassidy, 2005-2009, (practice-led) Salford 7: the representation and reconstruction of a lost working class community. (AHRC).

N. Kendrick, 2007-2009, (practice-led) Forming a sensorially engaged participatory arts practice. (AHRC)

H. Imai, 2005-2009, Tokyo’s contested alleyways: the role of the roji in understanding globalization, attachment and the social construction of place. (University studentship).

G. MacDonald, 2008-12 Moving bodies in the inhabitable map: the GPS trace in New Media Art

A. L. Cruz, 2010-2013, (practice-led) The photograph of a loved one: a practice-led investigation through writing. (Portugal, FCT)

Sian Bonnell, 2012-13 (practice-led, by publication) The Camera As Catalyst, The Photograph As Conduit: An Exploration Of The Performative Role Of Photography.

LOkesh Ghai, 2013-14 (practice-led Masters by Research) Don't cry over spilt milk: apprenticing with the last makers of the milkman's dress (University Studentship)

Sarbjit Kaur, 2011-14 (practice-led) A poetic and sculptural negotiation of growing up and becoming a Sikh British woman

Emily Strange, 2010-2013 (practice-led) Harnessing the Utopian Impulse in Drawing:
A practice Led Investigation (University Studentship)

Lucy Wright, 2009-13 (practice-led) Making Traditions: Practicing Folk. Contemporary folk performance and community in the North West of England – a practice-led enquiry (University studentship)

Annie Harrison, 2011-2014, (practice-led) Dissecting the site:an investigation of space, place and memories in Central Manchester Hospitals.

Réa de Matas, 2010-14, What can the Experiential Reveal about the Role of Difference in Carnival?

Ian Hartshorne 2010-16, (practice-led) How can painting convey an experience of living in a digital age? A practice-led Investigation.

Cristina Rodrigues 2011-14 (practice-led) My Country Through Your Eyes: collaborative art-ethnography as an approach to social inclusion in settings affected by human and environmental desertification.

Patrick Baxter 2013-16 (practice-led) Experiencing ‘Ghost Developments’ in Post-Crisis Ireland: An interdisciplinary and film-as-practice led investigation in land, private property and public space.

Rebecca Hartley, 2013-16, An enquiry into artist development (AD): Using Castlefield Gallery (CG) as a case study: can an understanding of AD inject a new perspective into the debate around the value of the arts? (university Studentship)

Jack Roberts, 2013-16, The Artist, the Art Object and the Market.

Caroline Dubois, 2015 - 2017, (Practice-led), "How is the question of authorship understood in collaborative and participatory art practice?"

Jenny Holt, 2010-16 (practice-led) How might a dialogue between landscape embodiment and the documentary paradigm extend the language of landscape art? A practice-led enquiry located in the Pennine Watershed

Clive Parkinson, 2017-2018 (by publication) Social Justice, Inequalities the Arts and Public Health: Weapons of Mass Happiness?

Ehi Oboh 2012- 2019, (practice-led) Materialising Cultures: narratives of West African wax cloth prints in the UK

Cj O'Neill 2010-2018,(practice-led) My, Your, Our Stories
A processual investigation of artistic interventions with
everyday ceramic objects.

Wanda Zyborska, 2012-18 (practice-led) Scarred Aged Skin and the Material Body.

Robert Dickinson, 2016-2019, Network Entelechy:How can networks help us to understand the relationship between critical writing and the art world?

Su Jones, 2015-2019, The artists and policy conundrum: the relationship of arts policies to artists’ creative practices and their livelihoods.

Frances Williams, 2016-2019, Devolution: Arts and Health as a Social Movement.

Marianna Tsionki, 2015-2021 Shifting Contemporaneities:
from multiculturalism to globalisation and the Anthropocene –
towards a critical curatorial and institutional praxis.

Dave Griffiths, 2016-2021 Microform as chronotope: narrating and transmitting events through archival gestures of photography and other data.


Analysing Artist’s Continual Professional Development (CPD) in Greater Manchester (MIRIAD funded)

The pilot study ‘Analysing Artist’s Continual Professional Development (CPD) in Greater Manchester: towards an integrated approach for talent development’ was undertaken collaboratively between MIRIAD (the Manchester Institute for Research and Innovation in Art and Design) at Manchester Metropolitan University (MMU) and Castlefield Gallery (CG). The primary research was gathered between June and October 2012. Details…

Co-producing legacy: What is the role of artists within Connected Communities projects? (AHRC-funded)

http://new.a-n. Details…

Connecting Anthropology and Art (AHRC funded)

In September 2006 Amanda Ravetz received a Research and Networks Award from the AHRC to run a three day intensive workshop for 14 artists, anthropologists and curators. The workshop took place in January 2007 and used a mixture of presentations, discussions and group work to explore the socially engaged practices used by participants. Details…

From Network to Meshwork: Validation for Social Practice Art and Artists

This report with . Details…

Knowing From Inside (EU finded)

Knowing from the Inside: Anthropology, Art, Architecture and Design (2013-2018) European Research Council €2.5m. Details…

Migratory Practices

The international conference Migratory Practices, part of the HAT project, was co-convened with Jane Webb and held at MMU on September 5th and 6th 2006. It explored the crossovers between anthropology, art and craft. Details…

My Recoverist Family

Directed, filmed and edited by AMANDA RAVETZ & HUW WAHL, My Recoverist Family is a film exploring the non-linearity of recovery from substance use within the LGBT+ community and beyond. Featuring David Hoyle, Jackie Haynes, Another Adele, Greg Thorpe, Justin Freeman and Mark Prest, with a performance directed by Nick Blackburn. Details…

The Business of Life – the Ruskin Studio 2012-14 (ACE funded)

Amanda acted as a "critical friend" to artists' Kate Genever and Steve Pool's on their ACE-funded Business of Life project "There is a great deal of distress just now - so many now being out of work - and it is impossible to pass through the streets without seeing it obvious in some form or other." (The words of the social visionary, Edward Carpenter, from a letter to Walt Whitman, 1877) Walking today through Sheffield’s Parson Cross estate, one of the largest social housing developments in Europe, it is once again impossible to avoid seeing ‘a great deal of distress’. Details…

Wonderland: the art of becoming human

Website: Wonderland: the art of becoming human Details…



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Still from video Creations

Ravetz, A., 2017. 'Creations', 16 minute video about artist Barbara Symmons commissioned by RoaR, RoaR Archive, June 9th 2017 Barrignton Farm Art Barn.

My Recoverist FamilyMy Recoverist Family

Ravetz, A., Wahl, H., 2017. 'My Recoverist Family', Manchester.

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still from "The Bracewells"

Ravetz, A., 2001. 'The Bracewells', Ethnographic film, Goettingen International Film Festival; AAA Film Meeting, Washington, US, 2001/2002.


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Observational Cinema

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Visualizing Anthropology

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Other Outputs

Ravetz, A., 2016. 'Wonderland: the art of becoming human'.

Ravetz, A. Douglas, A, Genever, K. Baraclough, J. and Carney, M., 2015. 'Drawing Paper 8', Drawing Paper is distributed free to galleries around the UK. THis edition is about drawing as connecting..

Ravetz, A. and Wright, L., 2015. 'Validation beyond the gallery: How do artists working outside of the gallery system receive validation of their practice? A qualitative study', A research report conducted for Axisweb.

Slater, A., Ravetz, A. Lee, K, 2013. 'Analysing Artists’ Continual Professional Development (CPD) in Greater Manchester: towards an integrated approach for talent development', Report on pilot study conducted by MIRIAD and Castlefield Gallery.

O'Neill, C. J., 2011. 'Collaborations, Creativity and Value', Collaborative paper with Amanda Ravetz.

Ravetz, A., 2009. 'Writing Practice', 2 day intensive writing workshop for arts practitioners.

Connecting Art and Anthropology

Ravetz, A., 2007. 'Connecting Art and Anthropology', Three day intensive workshop funded by the AHRC.

Ravetz, A., 2007. 'The In-betweeness of Things', catalogue essay on the work of artist Hilary Jack.

Ravetz, A., 2007. 'Visual Ways of Knowing', Masterclass: visual approaches for qualitative research.