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9. Andor Technology: installation, Belfast (2005)

This commission for Andor Technology, Belfast, Northern Ireland, in 2005, included 62 large wall lights (using colour changing LEDís as their light source) in their new corporate headquarters. The piece was designed in response to the building; itís uses and the people who work there. There are references to the companyís origins in lasers and star research, and hidden star constellations within the layout, as well as some individual elements having star constellations pierced directly into the surface. This layering and depth of understanding encourages the building users to feel a sense of ownership and understanding. It tells the story of the company through form, detail and light rather than words. Viewers can read their own meanings and messages, discovering both intended and unintentional messages. The scale of the pieces was a new area developed specifically for this project. The computer controlled lighting allows the piece to have subtle movement of light across the wall, creating warmth on cold winter days with oranges and reds, and a blue coolness in the summer.
The bone china forms were produced by, English Elegance of Congleton.
The LED components and control system were designed and made by Bruce Watson of Andor Technology.
A great project to work on, I had fantastic support from the architects on the project d-on, and incredible dedication from the staff I worked with at Andor; many Ďafter hoursí and weekends were given up to help me on my installation! The company has since received retrospective funding from the Arts Council of Ireland for developing links between arts and business, covering 50% of costs for the project.


Installation at Andor Technology, BelfastInstallation at Andor Technology, Belfast