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Dr CJ O'Neill

Senior Lecturer
Product Design and Craft

Dr CJ O'Neill

'Flightlines'(2022- ) is focused on the complexities of womens lives lived with clay, revealing hidden labour and celebrating methods of managing, and is a collaboration with Dr Natasha Mayo working with CoCA, York and National Museum Wales. Presented at NCECA and ICF 2023. Co-authored journal article, NCECA Journal 53 + series of podcasts forthcoming.
Contributors include: Sarah Christie, Phoebe Cummings, Helen Felcey, Ina Kaur, Claire Loder, Sam Lucas, Mandy Parslow, Stephanie Rozene.

'Clay Networks' (2018-19) explored the communities of practice around 3D printing in clay and began to materialise the 'others' present in ourselves, investigating ways to connect us to and acknowledge these 'others' through objects. Shown at British Ceramics Biennial, Wedgwood, Ceramic Communities Symposium, 2019.

'My, Your, Our Stories: artistic interventions exploring everyday ceramics' - PhD by practice (2018) explored issues around authorship, value and collaboration through the use of everyday ceramic objects in combination with narrative utilising both hand and industrial processes. My interest was in how these objects can connect people, enabling them to construct their own narratives.

I have undertaken numerous commissions for ceramic lighting and objects for private individuals and corporate clients as well as exhibiting internationally. I am a selected member of the Crafts Councils of Ireland and England and have contributed to start-up schemes such as Making It, Northern Ireland; Project Network, ICRC, Denmark and Hothouse, Crafts Council, UK.

I am a reviewer for Bloomsbury Academic and international conferences and have been external examiner for MA and BA programmes: MA Design at Central St Martins, BA (Hons) Ceramics at Cardiff Metropolitan University, BA (Hons) Contemporary Applied Arts, Belfast School of Art.

As a senior lecturer teaching on BA (Hons) Product Design & Craft, I contribute to teaching across the curriculum and lead on the Contextualising Practice elements of the programme to enable students to interrogate and underpin their making with theory and writing. Working on live projects, across levels and disciplines, with external partners to enable students to build skills and networks is something I enjoy. Previously at MMU, I have been programme leader for BA (Hons) Three Dimensional Design as well as route leader for MA Design LAB: Craft.

I supervise PhD students across a range of disciplines and welcome PhD proposals from students interested in ceramics, craft, everyday, material culture and social practice. Supervision includes:
Dr Ian McIntyre (2022) ‘The Best Teapot Never Designed’: Re-engineering the Brown Betty
Peter Jones (forthcoming) 'Concealed Labour: Rediscovering the skills of industrial ceramic practices from the Spode Works through object, site and contemporary ceramic practice.'


1. (Y)our Stories: events, residency, exhibitions, artefacts, Denmark and UK (2016-17)

Through artistic intervention, this project explores how connections can be established between people through everyday ceramic objects. The focus is the in-between ground of three theories – bundling (Keane 2003), dispersed creativity (Leach 2004), and materialising the self (Tilley 2006). Details…

2. The Plate Experiment, Manchester, Stoke, UK (2011-15)

The concept for the work developed from the way of designing a piece of finished ceramic work that I would normally exhibit. I was interested in exposing this process; initially, the thought was to allow the visitor to understand the process of creating a work, the papercutting, laying out of designs, changes, transfer cutting, application, firing, more layers, more firing, etc. Details…

3. The Pol Project: Ahmedabad, India (2010)

A four week long residency project The Pol Project (the pilot of a proposed 3 year scheme which aims to combine the knowledge of UK and Indian craftspeople and researchers in order to engage with a communal urban space) at Arts Reverie in Dahl ni Pol, a Jain community in the heart of the old city of Ahmedabad, India, in October 2010 undertaken together with visual anthropologist and filmmaker Amanda Ravetz. Amanda and I developed a close collaboration, running workshops and exploring everyday rituals within the Pol through conversation with the community, photography, film and ceramic. Details…

4. Graffiti*d: A British Ceramics Biennial commission, Stoke, UK (2008-9)

This project was commissioned by the British Ceramics Biennial and was loosely divided into 2 parts. The first was to respond to the now redundant Aynsley factory and all it's glorious contents. Details…

5. Wesley meets Art: residency, exhibition and auction, Manchester, UK (2008-9)

This is a collaborative project between CJ O’Neill, Lee Garland and Wesley Community Furniture Project, Manchester. Background information can be found here; Wesley: www. Details…

6. Kirkens Project: an invited residency at Guldagergaard, Denmark (2008)

Working within the post industrial genre of contemporary ceramics, this project was the result of an invitation to be an artist in residence at Guldagergaard, International ceramic research centre, Skaelskor, Denmark in 2008. The project focuses on the upcycling of second hand objects working with Skaelskor’s Kirkens Korshaer charity shop. Details…

7. Design Camp: Arts Reverie, Ahmedabad, India (2007)

The Design Camp model is based on a commitment to the development of local economies of practice. It is seeking to support the preservation of traditional skills and their application to processes and products for national and international markets. Details…

8. Storytelling & Poetry: Denmark (2005)

This was an 8 week residency undertaken at the International Ceramic Research Centre - Guldagergaard, Denmark - in the summer of 2005. During the time here I developed a body of work - new heirlooms - using ceramic pieces from the many charity and second hand shops in the village and also gathered on journeys around Denmark. Details…

9. Andor Technology: installation, Belfast (2005)

This commission for Andor Technology, Belfast, Northern Ireland, in 2005, included 62 large wall lights (using colour changing LED’s as their light source) in their new corporate headquarters. The piece was designed in response to the building; it’s uses and the people who work there. Details…


CJ O'Neill is a member of the Design Research Hub.


The Reader, (y)Our Stories, Guldagergaard, Denmark, 2016You Choose (detail), (y)Our Stories, Guldagergaard, Denmark, 2016sketch, (y)Our Stories, Guldagergaard, Denmark, 2016sketch, (y)Our Stories, Guldagergaard, Denmark, 2016You Choose, (y)Our Stories, Guldagergaard, Denmark, 2016The Additions (detail), (y)Our Stories, Guldagergaard, Denmark, 2016

O'Neill, C., 2016. (Y)Our Stories, The Apple House Gallery, Guldagergård, Denmark, 5/5/2016.


Kettle, A., 2013. Pairings, Contemporary Applied Arts, London, May 2013.

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Webb, J., 2011. Pairings, MMU Special Collections, Otter Gallery Chichester, Fairfield Mill, Cumbria, September 2010 -.

Pui LeeGass

O'Neill, C. J., 2011. State of Play, Cube Gallery, Manchester, July 2011.

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O'Neill, CJ, 2009. Object Factory: The Art of Industrial Ceramics curated by Marek Cecula, MAD Museum, New York, USA, March 2009 - August 2009.

Queen Anne's Peacock 2009

O'Neill, CJ, 2009. Sterling Irish (curated by Angela O'Kelly), Castle Yard Galleries, Kilkenny, Ireland, August 7th - 16th 2009.

O'Neill, C. J., 2009. Tabletop, Open Eye Gallery, Edinburgh, UK, August 2009.

O'Neill, CJ, 2009. Transformations, Flow Gallery, London, 26th November 2009 - 1 January 2010.

O'Neill, CJ, 2008. Great Northern Contemporary Craft Fair, Manchester Grammer School, Manchester, 23 - 26 October 2008.

IngerAnastasia's horsesKirkens Project EventAnastasia

O'Neill, C. J., 2008. Kirkens Project, Guldagergaard, Nov 2008.

ScherzerScherzerScherzerThe HeartThe HeartThe Heart

O'Neill, CJ, 2008. Object Factory: The Art of Industrial Ceramics curated by Marek Cecula, Gardiner Museum, Toronto, Canada, 8 May - 21 Sept 2008.

Wesley profile 1Wesley auction 1Wesley profile 5Wesley profile 4Wesley profile 6CJ de Morgan

O'Neill, CJ and Garland, L, 2008. Wesley meets Art (two person show), Special Collections Gallery, MMU, 8 Dec 2008 - 20 Feb 2009.

powder bluePeacock blue and sunflower yellowRibbon plateRibbon platePushed to breaking point

Dixon, S., 2007. '200 Years: Slavery Now', Bluecoat Display Centre, Liverpool., 19 October to 17 November.

O'Neill, CJ, 2007. Christmas Lighting, Hub, Sleaford, Lincolnshire, Nov 2007 - Jan 2008.

O'Neill, CJ, 2007. Design Camp, House of MG, Ahmedebad, India, Sept 2007.

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O'Neill, CJ, 2007. HauteGREEN, DWR, Broadway, New York, May 2007.

Homes and Gardens

O'Neill, CJ, 2007. Homes and Gardens, Chester racecourse, Sept 2007.

O'Neill, CJ, 2007. Make Me, Timber Wharf, Manchester, Nov 2006.

O'Neill, CJ, 2007. Slavery: 200 years curated by Stephen Dixon, Bluecoat Display Centre, Nov 2007.

The In Show

O'Neill, CJ, 2007. The In Show, Holden Gallery, All Saints, Manchester, Sept 2007.

O'Neill, CJ, 2006. 100% Design with Design Initiative, Earls Court, London, Sept 2006.

O'Neill, CJ, 2006. Artefact, All Saints, Manchester, Sept 2006.


O'Neill, CJ, 2006. Design UK curated by Max Fraser, Liberty, London, Sept 2006.

Grimshaw, D., 2006. Make Me - Urban Splash Apartment, Timber Wharf, Manchester, November 2006.

O'Neill, CJ, 2006. North of Watford, Platform Gallery, Clitheroe, June 2006.

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solas gold rose

O'Neill, CJ, 2005. 100% Design with Design Initiative, Earls Court, London, Sept 2005.

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O'Neill, CJ, 2005. Make Me C, Manchester Art Gallery, Manchester, Nov 2006.

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Solas Wall Leaf (Gold)Solas Wall Installation

O'Neill, CJ, 2004. 100% Design with Design Nation, Earls Court, London, Sept 2004.

Solas Coinneal RoseSolas Coinneal Pierce

O'Neill, CJ, 2004. Chelsea Crafts Fair, Chelsea Town Hall, London, Oct 2004.

O'Neill, CJ, 2004. Dressing Up, Bluecoat Display Centre, 2004.

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O'Neill, CJ, 2003. Chintz, Made, Bristol, 2003.

O'Neill, CJ, 2003. Domestic Bliss, The Pea Rooms, Lincolnshire, 2003.

Solas Coinneal

O'Neill, CJ, 2003. In the Making, FAD, Placa Del Angels, Barcelona, Spain, August 2003.

O'Neill, CJ, 2002. 100% Design with Design Initiative, Earls Court, London, Sept 2002.

O'Neill, CJ, 2002. House, Urbis, Manchester, Nov 2002 - Jan 2003.

O'Neill, CJ, 2001. 100% Design with Design Initiative, Earls Court, London, Sept 2001.


O'Neill, C.J., 2019. 'Clay Networks: connecting to others through making, mapping and combination', Stoke-On-Trent and Cardiff.

O'Neill, C. J., 2013. 'Absent Presence', I continue to explore the domestic plate, absent from the place of exhibition. Using given fragments of pattern from the space in combination with used plates, reductive and additive processing reveals some of the latent possibilities resting here., Museum of Architecture and Design, Ljubljana, Slovenia, 19th September - 3rd December 2013.

Cups decorated by Dahl ni Pol childrenNeet (community), from The Pol Project 2010Chai Walla, from The Pol Project 2010Neet (community), from The Pol Project 2010

O'Neill, C. J., 2010. 'Collection from The Pol Project', Series of ceramic items decorated with hand cut transfers made in response to the filming of 'Entry' a film by Amanda Ravetz., Arts Reverie, Dahl ni Pol, Ahmedabad, as part of Ahmedabad International Arts Festival 2010, October 2010.

O'Neill, C. J., 2008. 'Kirkens Project artefacts', Upcycled ceramic pieces decorated with hand cut transfers, Guldagergaard, Nov 2008.

London DrugsFeeding plate

O'Neill, CJ, 2006. 'Feeding Desire tableware collection', waterjet cut and laser marked vintage plates, 100% Design, The In Show, Design UK at Liberty, HauteGREEN.

FloralFeeding desire lighting

O'Neill, CJ, 2006. 'Solas lights - Feeding Desire collection', bone china wall lights with decoration in gold, black and orange, 100% Design, The In Show, Make Me, Hub.

There's a buzz about the place

O'Neill, CJ, 2006. 'There's a buzz about the place', vintage plate with decoration in gold and printed bees.

no.5no.1, 2, 3

O'Neill, CJ, 2005. 'New Heirlooms', vintage tableware altered with handcut transfer decoration, Guldagergaard, Grimmerhus, 100% Design, The Lighthouse.

Installation at Andor Technology, Belfast

O'Neill, CJ, 2004. 'Solas installation - Andor Technology, Belfast', large installation of wall lights with colour changing LED light source., Andor Technology, Belfast, permanent.

O'Neill, CJ, 2002. 'Lighting installation - Manchester Art Gallery', lighting pieces for restaurant and cafe, Manchester Art Gallery, Manchester, permanent.


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Book Chapters

O'Neill, C.J., Ravetz, A., 2012. 'Expanded Craft, Dispersed Creativity: A South Asian Residency'. In Collaboration Through Craft, Berg.

Journal Articles

Mayo, N., O'Neill, C.J., 2023. 'Flightlines: conversations about life with clay', NCECA Journal, 43, pp. 158-161.

O'Neill, C.J., 2016. 'Matching Process to Design', Ceramics Monthly, February 2016.

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Conference Papers

O'Neill, C.J., Mayo, N., 2023. 'Flightlines: Lives lived with clay', International Ceramics Festival 2023, University of Aberystwyth, 30/6/2023 - 2/7/2023.


The Reader, Ceramic Values Congress, British Ceramics Biennial, 2017The Reader, Ceramic Values Congress, British Ceramics Biennial, 2017

O'Neill, C. J., 2017. 'The Reader', Ceramic Values Congress, British Ceramics Biennial at Spode, Stoke-On-Trent, 5-6 Oct 2017.

O'Neill, C. J., 2016. 'Collaborative Value', SAAG conference, Manchester School of Art, 27 March 2014.

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Graffiti*d: installation with UnityGraffiti*d: installationAynsley Re*presentedAynsley Re*fired

O'Neill, CJ, 2009. 'Graffiti*d: A British Ceramics Biennial commission', Ceramic City: Design for Public Space in conjunction with Art and Architecture Journal, The Potteries Museum & Art Gallery, Stoke-On-Trent, 9/10 October 2009.

Other Outputs

O'Neill, C. J., 2011. 'Collaborations, Creativity and Value', Collaborative paper with Amanda Ravetz.

O'Neill, CJ, 2008. 'Award III', Invited artist in residence, Guldagergaard, Denmark.

O'Neill, CJ, 2008. 'Re-fired ceramics', Workshop for the Crafts Council with a group decorating vintage pieces.

O'Neill, CJ, 2008. 'Solas Gold rose lights for Manoush stores internationally', Bone china wall lights with real gold decoration in rose pattern.

Gamlesh making my mirror pieceGanesh groundflowers at the marketJali

O'Neill, CJ, 2007. 'Design Camp residency', Group of designers invited to Ahmedebad to work with skilled artisans on development of new products.

O'Neill, CJ, 2007. 'Invited member of board of directors of Manchester Craft & Design centre'.

O'Neill, CJ, 2007. 'selected member of Crafts Council of Ireland'.

O'Neill, CJ, 2007. 'Solas Gold installation for The Regent, London', Bone china wall lights with gold leaf decoration.

O'Neill, CJ, 2007. 'Solas Gold wall lights for Luisance, Casablanca, Morocco', Bone china wall lights with gold leaf decoration.

O'Neill, CJ, 2007. 'Solas wall lights for private residence, Norway', bone china wall lights with decoration in gold, black and orange.

Elle Decoration Awardssolas gold wall installation

O'Neill, CJ, 2006. 'ELLE Decoration Design Awards: shortlisted for Lighting'.

O'Neill, CJ, 2006. 'Solas Gold wall lights for SushiCo Pera, Istanbul, Turkey', bone china wall lights with gold leaf decoration.

O'Neill, CJ, 2005. 'Storytelling and Poetry residency', selected residency in the International Ceramic research centre developing new work.

O'Neill, CJ, 2002. 'selected member of Design Nation'.

O'Neill, CJ, 2001. 'selected member of Crafts Council photostore'.