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David Brittain

Senior Lecturer

In 2002 David was awarded an AHRC Fellowship in the Creative and Performing Arts to research the subject of photography and the small magazine. With a background in arts journalism and broadcasting he has contributed to numerous publications. He was editor of the respected photography magazine, "Creative Camera" (1991-2001), a contributor to BBC Radio Four and involved on the production of a series of documentaries for BBC TV’s “The Late Show”, including a profile of the photographer William Klein. David participated in the British Library’s Oral History of British Photography and has been involved with photography as a curator and selector. He is a member of IAWIS (International Association of Word and Image Studies). In 2000 David’s anthology of writings, “Creative Camera: Thirty Years of Writing” was published by Manchester University Press. His latest book "Paolozzi at New Worlds: Science Fiction and Art in the Sixties" was published by Savoy Books in 2013.

David’s research interests concern many of the questions and issues that were raised during his professional activities in publishing, writing and curating. These include authorship, reproduction, the material culture of archives, text and image and digital culture.


Eduardo Paolozzi Re-readings

A one-day conference at Manchester Metropolitan University This one-day conference, conceived by the Visual Culture Research Centre within MIRIAD, shed new light on the graphic works of Eduardo Paolozzi (1924-2005). The conference sought to make a significant contribution to the reappraisal of this seminal artist/co-founder of the Independent Group. Details…

F for FILE (2005)

F for FILE (2005) is an interview with the artist A.A. Details…

Found, Shared: The Magazine Photowork (2006)

Cube Gallery, Manchester. 19 April - 20 May 2006. Details…



Brittain, D., 2014. 'Corridor' presented by the Exhibition Centre for the Use and Abuse of Books, International Anthony Burgess Foundation, August 15 till 19 September.

Explanatory text, Scottish National Gallery of Modern ArtInstallation view showing display cases and printsView of the exhibition showing the bronze, His Majesty the WheelDetail of display case containing items from the Paolozzi StudioView of the installation showing the Paolozzi Studio (right)

Brittain, D., 2013. Space Age Archaeology: Eduardo Paolozzi and Science Fiction, Scottish National Galleries of Modern Art (II), July - October.

Brittain, D., 2010. Convergence: Literary Art Exhibitions, Golden Thread Gallery Belfast, 16 June to 6 August 2010.

Eduardo Paolozzi, scrapbook collageInstallation view showing issues of Ambit magazine (in cases)Installation view showing prints and issues of Ambit magazine (in cases)Installation view showing scrapbooks and collages by Eduardo Paolozzi (1924-2005)Installation view showing artefacts from the artist's collectionInstallation view showing artefacts from the artist's collection

Brittain, D., 2009. Eduardo Paolozzi: The Jet Age Compendium, Raven Row, Sep 3 - Nov 1st 2009.

Brittain, D, 2006. Found, Shared: The Magazine Photowork, CUBE galllery, Manchester, 19.04.06 - 20.05.06.

Brittain, D., 2004. Out of Print: Ohio a Magazine art Project, International Project Space, University of Central England, Birmingham, Sept 4 to 24, 2004.


Eduardo Paolozzi sculpture in situ at Raven Row galleryEduardo Paolozzi bronze 'frog' in situ in Raven RowContents of Eduardo Paolozzi's personal files housed in the National Design Museum, London

Brittain, D., 2009. 'The Jet Age Compendium: Eduardo Paolozzi at Ambit'.

Brittain, D., 2007. 'FASHNRIOT ISSUE 4', Artists' magazine on the theme of lost and found, Coincided with an exhibition from April-June 2007.


Cahill, C., Brittain, D., 2013. 'Inside Photography', Dewi Lewis Publishing, UK.

New Worlds 180 included coverage of the Fun Palace, designed by artist Keith AlbarnFrom Christopher Finch's feature about Paolozzi in New Worlds 174A corner of Paolozzi's Chelsea studio shows his sources from science and popular cultureNew Worlds' 'weird' covers broadcast the 'inner space' ethos of writers such as BallardBack cover of Reagan magazine, a project by New Worlds writers including Zoline and BallardAt New Worlds the car was a bizarre metaphor for the fusion of man and machine

Brittain, D., 2013. 'Paolozzi at New Worlds: Science Fiction and Art in the Sixties', Savoy Books, Manchester.

Brittain, D., 2003. 'Uncanny Eden', Ediciones Universidad, Salamanca.

Book Chapters

Brittain, D., 2009. 'Ohio'. In Boivent Marie (eds.) Revues d'Artistes Une Selection, one, 166-169, Galerie d"art Contemporain des Urbanistes, Fougeres, France.

Brittain, D., 2008. 'An Interview About Salon Art Magazine'. In Theewen Gerhard (eds.) Salon reprint Edition Supplement, one, unnumbered pages, Salon Verlag, Germany.

Brittain, D., 2008. 'Simon Norfolk, Ohio, John Riddy, Jitka Hanzlova'. In Grosenick Uta, Seelig Thomas (eds.) Photo Art: Fotografie Im 21. Jahrhudert, 112, 174-177; 322-325; 326-329; 366-369;, Dumont, Germany.

Brittain, D., 2006. 'The Photographers' Press in the USA and Britain During the Transition Decade of the 60s'. In Michael Peres, Grant Romer, David Malin, Mark Osterman, Nancy Stuart. Scott Williams, Franziska Frey, Tom Lopez (eds.) Focal Press Encyclopedia of Photography (fourth edition), Focal Press.

Internet Publications

Brittain, D., 2015. 'Field theory in the Neoliberal Cultural Industries', Atiner Papers,

Brittain, D., 2009. 'David Brittain interviews Carl Chiarenza', FOTO 8,

Brittain, D., 2005. 'Out of Print: Ohio: a magazine art project A Magazine or Anti-Magazine?', Weblogue - conference website,

Journal Articles

Butler, J., 2012. 'Glass and Paper Landscapes', Source: The Photographic Review, Issue 70, Into the Archive, Spring Issue, pp:26-37.

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Brittain, D., 2009. 'Interview: David Brittain in converstion with editor Bill Jay', FOTO 8, Issue 23, 20-25.

Brittain, D., 2009. 'Mark Neville: Fancy Pictures', Source, Issue 60, 28-39.

Uschi Huber recalls a photograph she never took

Brittain, D., 2009. 'The Missing Picture', Source Photographic Review, 2009 and ongoing, 80.

Brittain, D., 2008. 'David Williams: 88 Places', Portfolio, No 48, 26-33.

Brittain, D., 2007. 'found in the UK's National Collection of the Art of Photography', Afterimage, November/December 2007, 17-19.

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Brittain, D., 2014. 'The Time and Space Travel of William Burroughs', Beyond the Cut Up: William S. Burroughs and the Image, The Photographers' Gallery, 15 Ferbruary 2014, in tbc.

Brittain, D., 2011. 'JG Ballard and Eduardo Paolozzi: Analysing the Media Landscape', Surrealism, Science Fiction and Comics, Courtauld Institute, 22 Jaunary 2011.

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Brittain, D., 2003. 'Notes Towards Making a Study of the Making of the Modern Photography Magazine', First Mapping the Magazine conference, Cardiff University, June 2003.

Other Outputs

FILE cover featuring its three founding editorsA.A. Bronson, co-founder of FILE (picture by Ben Edwards)FILE CoverPromotional advert in FILE, the Canadian artists' magazine

Brittain, D., 2007. 'Afterimage Photography and the archive edition', a special edition of this US journal of media arts and cultural criticism.

Brittain, D, Billson, N, 2006. 'Found, Shared: The Magazine Photowork', Exhibition catalogue, posters, exhibition information panels + site specific photo montages.