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2016 App Hack Knowledge Exchange April

Developed over a 12 month period the project began with a request to illustrate a collection of 100 Lateral Thinking problems written by Dr Lloyd Strickland from Humanities. Through an extended series of meetings and conversations over a 6 month period, including Mark Ratcliffe in RKE, a project was delivered in April 2016 facilitated by Digital Innovation /Hayley Walsh.

The outcome was collaborative knowledge exchange between the Department of Languages, Information and Communications, the Department of Computing and Mathematics, the Dept of History Politics and Philosophy and the School of Art.

The resulting 3 day App Hack weekend event revolved around a series of collaborative sessions to develop prototype gaming apps based on the original premise of the lateral thinking problems. These sessions and ran as one event over the 3 days were facilitated by learning mentors/ MA students engaging students from all faculties, including L4 and L6 students from Illustration with Animation.