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2017 Society of The Spectacles. Stelnikov's Glasses and Other Stories

Invited artist to contribute as a member of The Society of The Spectacles in the Granda Foundation Gallery at Home Manchester. The exhibition was curated by Susan Platt and consisted of 24 invited international artists/designers/academics working with a theme of spectacles and film.

The show was conceived by Robert Hamilton and entitled: 'Strelnikovís Glasses and Other Stories' 01/09 /17 - 29/10/17 more information here

Exhibited work titled: Extras - I.Whadcock 2017

The piece was created with consideration of the role of props and layers of shifting identities undertaken as film extras. Considering how these individuals remain unknown and uncelebrated with no clear public perception of who they are indeed what they look like. Using anonymous found images combined with drawing and digital techniques to portraits that remain familiar and yet ambiguous.

Strelnikov's Glasses and Other Stories - 'Extras' Home 01/09 - 29/10 2017Strelnikov's Glasses and Other Stories - 'Extras' Home 01/09 - 29/10 2017