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Sex Death & Flat Pack Furiture

Sex death and flat pack furniture

Sex death and flat pack furniture
Explorations of narrative through lens and book
A forum for Artists and Photographers to respond / re-act/ consider their practice in relation to ideas and concepts around narrative/ non-linear/ non-conventional narrative forms.

The intention of sxdeathfpfurniture is to help generate ideas; speculative approaches; creative interpretations around the notion of Storytelling. The exhibition celebrates the creative act that encourages questions and propositions, not dogma, about both the lens and narrative models.


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This Film - first shown at the Whitworth Art Gallery, has been re-edited to work as a multi screen presentation within a gallery context
20,000 years ago, during the last great Ice Age, a boulder was carried by glacial ice from Borrowdale in Cumbria, and deposited in the clay basin on which Manchester is now built. During the 1940's this unusually large glacial erratic was discovered and excavated close to the Whitworth Art Gallery in Manchester and then moved a short distance north where it was up righted and sited as a monument in the University of Manchester's Quadrangle. The boulder has remained quietly out of the way and undisturbed in it's new position, blending into the surrounding architecture.
Connecting the Whitworth Art Gallery and the University Quadrangle is a powerful line of energy (lay line), which extends northwards through the city centre and on to Borrowdale. This lay line travels directly underneath the 'Oxford Road Corridor' which now houses the UK's greatest concentration of universities.
With assistance from a Psycho-Geographer, Geomancers and an Earth Healer, the film explores and reveals the powerful influence that the boulder is having on the seat of learning and surrounding area.
The film celebrates the power of monument, and treads the fine line between truth, myth and the overwhelming density of institution.