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International Practice Exchange

The proposed research will examine the nature and relevance of tension which exists between tradition and innovation within the Indian Sub continent, and South Asian diaspora in England.

This tension is in part due to an increasing globalisation of culture, through influences from the western traditions. (mainly America and Europe and principally through media, internet and communication technologies). HAT2 presents an opportunity to examine this ‘tension’ by placing 10 artists whose work has emerged through the western tradition into the Indian sub continent (Bangladesh, India, Pakistan, and Sri Lanka). And conversely 10 artists from these countries into various cities across the UK.

The mode of engagement will be twofold:

1. To manage the collection of research findings across the entire project, and by doing so examine the process of documentation itself.

2. To respond to the tension (as described above) through the making of original artworks, principally through Film, Photography and Web/Internet

Each residency will be distinctive, with the artist setting their own work programme and research methodology. There will however be a broad research theme, which will be common to all the residencies. Each artist will be asked to explore the idea of displacement and examine the ways in which new work is developed in response and in relation to new cultural contexts and new perspectives. Through a critical examination and documentation of the process of their individual practice while in residence, each artist will be asked to reflect on the meaning and significances of where they are and what they do. During all 20 residencies, data will be collected in a number of forms including, internet, email, photography, video and writing.

The collected data will be presented and explored as part of a week long conference (MMU, MIRIAD, UK - July 2006). In March 2007, a week long residential event in India will draw together the collective experiences and outcomes which will be articulated through a publication, and other artworks to be determined by the project