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Explore, Expand, Exchange (E3)

Explore, Expand, Exchange

By experimenting with low cost, temporary and innovative solutions to the problems of gallery and museum interpretation, Explore Expand Exchange provides entirely new alternatives to dry factual explanations and technologically complex solutions beyond the budgets of many institutions.

Film: 500 Metres
The Manchester Museum and the Whitworth Art Gallery are 500 metres apart. Magee has created a cinematic narrative. He surveys the space between the buildings and the ways the collections connect whilst revealing the impenetrability of institutions. The artwork will position itself between science and art, fact and fiction, tradition and innovation. The viewer will question the veracity of the curatorial process and their interpretation of truth. The team contributing to this project includes geomantic surveyors (looking at the energy lines that connect the two) and a psycho geographer (searching for invisible connections). The finished piece is shown in both museums.
Invesitigation into Museum Audiences

Film Still 6 BOULDER - Camera ObscuraFilm Still 6 BOULDER - Camera Obscura
Film Still 5 BOULDER - David AshworthFilm Still 5 BOULDER - David Ashworth
Film Still 4 BOULDER - Geomantic Surveyors at the Whitworth Art GalleryFilm Still 4 BOULDER - Geomantic Surveyors at the Whitworth Art Gallery
Film Still 3 BOULDER - The Glacial EraticFilm Still 3 BOULDER - The Glacial Eratic
Film Still 2 BOULDER - Borrowdale FarmersFilm Still 2 BOULDER - Borrowdale Farmers
Film Still 1, BOULDER - Leaving the WhitworthFilm Still 1, BOULDER - Leaving the Whitworth