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Jade Wilson

Interior Design

Jade completed her BA (Hons) Interior Design at the Sheffield Institute of Arts followed by an MA in Design (Interiors). Jade has been awarded funding by Research England to explore her Ph.D. topic in the 100-year life and the future home with the aim of enabling older people to lead longer, more productive lives at home.

As a member of the Design Research Group, Jade uses design as a research tool and co-design methods to develop the discussion surrounding how the home environment can effect health and well-being. Jade is also contributing to the development of a home testing device and software used in the home assessment of Parkinsonís disease symptoms. She has developed accessible co-design sessions to work alongside partners with Parkinson's disease.

Jade is the current Unit leader for the Interior Design CP1 and CP3 units (contextualising practice) where she encourages good practice for theory supporting practice and academic research and writing skills.

Jade is currently the Disability Co-ordinator for the Interior Design course and supports students with Personal Learning Plans to ensure the environment is suitable for excellent education.


Is your home making you grumpy? An exploration of relationships between home and well-being.

During the COVID-19 pandemic, many of us were confined to our homes by law for extended periods of time. What if in the future we are confined to our homes, not by law, but by choice? As technology advances further, the need to leave the home may become even less. Details…

Monitoring symptoms of Parkinson's disease to improve quality of life

This funded project focuses on turning gait in people with Parkinsonís disease and the development of a novel device and software to quantify a functional clinical test used in the assessment of Parkinsonís disease. . Details…


Jade Wilson is a member of the Design Research Hub.