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Landlocked : detail - Sue Platt

Design Research Group

The Design Research group encourages and supports both new and established researchers who are exploring the theories, histories and practices of a diverse range of design activities. It encourages collaboration and consists of academics, researchers and practitioners drawn from spatial, environmental, graphic, fashion, media, two and three-dimensional art and design disciplines. Key themes and interests are environments, type, narrative, digital, objects and the language of design.

Researchers in this centre are engaged in exploring all of the diverse range of the practices, theories, histories, and languages of design. The aims of the centre are to examine the role of design, in its diversity of forms, and to recognize, evaluate and profile its significance. The objectives of the centre are to disseminate designs past, present and future, through the production of a range of works and through many mediums. Our researchers are engaged in the production of objects, books, exhibitions, papers, and many other research initiatives and projects. The centre encourages interaction between subject areas, academic and practice-led projects, and institutional collaboration. It is an intersection between researchers and practitioners, academics and teachers, and a hub for positive exchange and creative production.


Exhibitions & Publications


Sanderson, L., Stone, SH., Lee, SJ., 2017. Bakewell : Some Ideas, Bakewell Town Hall, 16/6/2017.

Beecroft, M., 2017. The Serendipity Studio, Goldsmith's Centre, Clerkenwell, London, 23rd-25th May 2017.

Sanderson, L., Lee, SJ., Stone, SH., 2017. The Way We Live Now, Bakewell Town Hall, 24/2/2017.

The Reader

O'Neill, C. J., 2016. (Y)our Stories (solo), The Apple House Gallery, May 2016.

Sanderson, L., Stone, SH., Lee, SJ., 2016. Bollington. Real : Imagined, Bollington Arts Centre, 22/5/2016.

McCullough, I., 2016. Cheltenham Illustration Awards, Wilson Gallery Cheltenham, October 2015.

Beecroft, M., 2016. Fashion is a Force for Good, The Great Hall, Sackville Street Building The University of Manchester 60 Sackville Street M1 3WE Manchester, 12th October 2016.

Manning, M., 2016. In aid of UNICEF - Drawings and Prints, Etienne Gallery, July and September 2016.

Brook, R., Dodge, M., 2016. Making Post-War Manchester: Visions of an Unmade City, Manchester Technology Centre, 03 - 24 June 2016.

Manning, M., 2016. Shaping the View : Understanding Landscape through Illustration 7th International Illustration Research/ Journal of Illustration Symposium, Edinburgh School of Art, November 2016.

Beecroft, M., 2016. Significance at the Knit and Stitch show, Harrogate, 24th-27th November.


McCullagh, J., 2016. South Korea: Winter Olympics in PyeongChang 2018, Touring exhibition to Taebaek, Yeongwol, Pyeongchang, and Jeongseon, 19/8/2016, 5/09/2016, 28/09/2016, 14/10/2016.

McCullough, I., 2015. 30 Years of the Miniature Print, Museum TwentseWelle ,Enschede ,The Netherlands, November 2015 - January 2016.

McCullough, I., 2015. Oriel Open, OWT Wrexham, September -December 2015.

Manning, M., 2015. Royal Mail 175 years anniversary - Pushing the envelope, Hereford College of Arts College Road Campus, Hereford, HR1 1EB 17th April - 1st May 2015 Open: Monday to Friday 9.30am -4.30pm Private View: Thursday 30th April, 7pm House of Illustration 2, Granary Square, King’s Cross, London N1C 4BH 6th May - 16th, May and June 2015.

Russell, A., 2015. Salon Indigo at Premiere Vision, Parc d'Expositions Paris Nord Villepinte, 10-12 February 2015.

Russell, A., 2015. Salon Indigo at Premiere Vision, Parc d'Expositions Paris Nord Villepinte, 15-17 September 2015.

Ridyard, S., Griffin, P.G., 2015. UWE / Moleskine Reportager Award 2015 (shortlisted), UWE (University of Western England), Bower Campus, Bristol, May 2015.

A Representation of Design Contrasts

McCullagh, J., 2015. Visual Information Design Association of Korea International Exhibition, Art Space Gallery of DaeWoong Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd. (163-1, Samsungdong, Kangnamgu Seoul, Korea) International Design Congress, KDJ Convention Center, Gwangju, Korea, 1–5 June 15/17–23 Oct 15.


McCullagh, JF., 2017. 'Made in Translation', Portico Library, Manchester.

Jars & labelsScarecrowKnitting PatternCauliflower & Knitting PatternCabbage bed

Wheeldon-Wyatt, L., 2016. 'RHS Flower Show', Art School Allotment, Tatton Park, Cheshire, 2013.

Outside Tea TentHigh Tea TentCarrot Fingers PlateStrawberry Bling PlateButton Mushroom Plate

Wheeldon-Wyatt, L., 2016. 'RHS Flower Show', High Tea & Plates, Tatton Park, Cheshire, 2014.

indoor deckchairdeckchairs verticaldeckchair row

Wheeldon-Wyatt, L., 2016. 'RHS Flower Show', Old-fashioned deckchairs, Tatton Park, Cheshire, 2015.


Cocchiarella, F. Hayward, E., 2016. 'Pomona Encounters - Pomona's Beauty Spots', Pomona Island, 26th July 2016.


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Manning, M., 2015. ''Sun Bear'', Lanugo Press:.

Ridyard, S., 2015. 'Archisketcher', Apple Books UK.

Book Chapters

Sanderson, L., Stone, SH., 2017. 'Oddments and Epigrams : The Neighbourhood Planning Agenda in Bollington.'. In Housing - A Critical Perspective.

Stone, SH., Sanderson, L., 2017. 'Trouble in Happy Valley: The Documentation of a Research Through Design Collaborative Project between a Postgraduate Atelier at the Manchester School of Architecture and the Local Community of a Small Town.'. In 10 EAAE-ARCC International Conference (EAAE-ARCC 2016), EAAE.

Carden, S., 2016. 'Alex Russell'. In Susan Carden (eds.) Digital Textile Printing, London: Bloomsbury Academic.

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Stone, SH., Sanderson, L., Lee, SJ., 2017. 'Reclaiming the Road: Public Realm Improvement Proposals for Bollington in Cheshire'.

Internet Publications

Jones, G., 2015. 'Books for Designers No.9', Books for Designers,

Brittain, D., 2015. 'Field theory in the Neoliberal Cultural Industries', Atiner Papers,

Journal Articles

Beecroft, M., 2016. '3D Printing of weft knitted textile based structures by Selective Laser Sintering of Nylon powder', IOP Conference Series: Materials Science and Engineering.

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Brook, R. & Dodge, M., 2015. 'The Guardian Underground Telephone Exchange', Lancashire & Cheshire Antiquarian Society Transactions, Volume 108, 20-55.

Conference Papers

Sanderson, L., Stone, SH., 2017. 'The Way We Live Now : How Architectural Education can support the Urban Development of Small Settlements', AMPS, Derby, 22/6/2017 - 23/6/2017.

Sanderson, L., Stone, SH., 2016. 'Trouble in Happy Valley: The Documentation of a Research Through Design Collaborative Project between a Postgraduate Atelier at the Manchester School of Architecture and the Local Community of a Small Town.', EAAE ARCC, Lisbon, 14/6/2016 - 18/6/2016.


Brook, R., 2017. 'Regionality: agency and authorship in architecture. The story of the National Computing Centre - White Heat, False Logic.', SAHGB Annual Symposium 2017: Beyond ‘By’: Towards an inclusive architectural history, LSE Students’ Union, London, 3rd June 2017.

Brook, R. & Dunn, N., 2017. 'Warp & Weft: Infrastructural Architecture and Volumetric Urbanism', VOLUMETRIC URBANISM: Charting new urban divisions, The Chimney House, Kelham Island, Sheffield, 24-26th May 2017.

O'Neill, C. J., 2016. 'Collaborative Value', SAAG conference, Manchester School of Art, 27 March 2014.

Creative Education in the Making

McCullagh, J., 2016. 'Creative Education in the Making', Creative Education in the Making, Ravensbourne university, 07/09/16.

Brook, R., 2016. 'Grand Plans: Campus, Precinct and Parkland', Historical Geographies of Higher Education in Greater Manchester, Manchester Meeting Place, North Campus, University of Manchester, 9 November 2016.

Cahill, C., 2016. 'Headwaters: reading drawing Finnegans Wake', Literary Illustration Between Texts and Paintings, Université de Haute-Alsace, Mulhouse, 13th February 2014.

Beecroft, M., 2016. 'Interlooped:3D Printed Textiles', MakeShift (The Crafts Council), Museum of Science and Industry, 10-11 November 2016.

CNC Routed - Linked Elliptical BowlCNC Routed - Linked Elliptical BowlCNC Routed - Linked Elliptical Bowl

Grimshaw, D., 2016. 'Make:Shift - Crafts Council Conference', Manchester Museum of Science & Industry.

Brook, R., 2016. 'Roger Booth. Lancashire County Architect, 1962-83.', Society of Architectural Historians of Great Britain, Annual Symposium, RIBA, Portland Place, London, 21 May 2016.

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Jones, G., 2015. 'Loose Collective', Lincoln University Guest Lecturer, Lincoln University, Wednesday 14th January, 2015.

Russell, A., 2015. 'Repeatless: innovating print and pattern design with generative systems', Innovation 8th MMU Postgraduate Research Conference, MMU, Manchester, 5th November 2015.

Jones, G., 2015. 'Self Promotion', Nottingham Trent University guest lecturer, Nottingham Trent University, May 2015.

Other Outputs

Stone, SH., Sanderson, LM., Lee, SJ., 2017. 'The Way We Live Now : Symposium'.

Cocchiarella, F. Wehmeyer van den Boom, J., 2016. 'Pomona Island Design Lab', Design Lab Project.

Sanderson, L., Stone, SH., Lee, SJ., 2016. 'Time and Context'.

Cocchiarella, F. Higgins, S, 2015. 'Mise en Scene', Collaborative project with the RNCM.

Jones, G., 2015. 'Modern Heraldry: Seals, Stamps, Crests & Shields', Featured designer.