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Running, Jumping, Falling - Artist Film

The research aim is to explore narrative representation of women with particular focus on sexualised and violent depictions in contemporary horror films through the appropriation of cinematic choreography and post-production techniques.

‘Running, Jumping, Falling’ is a three-channel installation incorporating film, audio and text which is designed to interact as a series of performances with the architecture of the gallery. It focuses on the ‘final girl’ trope (Clover) to explore Mulvey’s ‘sadistic- voyeuristic cinematic gaze’ theory.

Adkins applies ‘ripping,’ software and digital post-production techniques to sample action, gestures and dialogue derived from film sequences to create a montage installation. ‘Running, Jumping, Falling’ utilises the techniques of sampling and looping to explore the relationship between performance, choreography and film. By using this methodology, likened to that of the DJ or programmer, Adkins raises issues relating to notions of appropriation and originality (Bourriaud).

Since 2008 Adkins has researched the application of digital and new media technologies to her performance practice with particular focus on how gesture and action in film can inform performance choreography. This investigation originated with a research project titled How Digital and New Media Technologies can Inform and Guide Narrative within a Performance Art Context at the University of the Creative Arts.
‘Running, Jumping, Falling’ was commission by the Museum of Architecture and Design, in Slovenia for the exhibition ‘Seamless: The Digital in Design‘. The commissioning brief was to explore individual and collaborative responses to the concept of ‘Seamlessness’ with an emphasis on technology, materiality and fabrication. The work has been reviewed internationally as well as peer reviewed within the accompanying exhibition publication.

The exhibition was developed in partnership with British Council and funded by Manchester Institute of Research in Art and Design at Manchester Metropolitan University. The exhibition and installation will tour to China in 2014.

Running, Jumping, Falling - Installation imageRunning, Jumping, Falling - Installation image
'Running Jumping Falling' by Louise Adkins'Running Jumping Falling' by Louise Adkins
'Running Jumping Falling' by Louise Adkins'Running Jumping Falling' by Louise Adkins