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Research Projects


Lucy believes in responsive design that is grounded in layers of meaning, history and place. These are spaces designed for social interaction, community use, or shared public spaces. Spaces can be interior or exterior, or the boundaries and journeys surrounding them.

Re-occuring themes through research and outcomes surround memory in the everyday and the physical act of remembrance. With Broadbent Studio, Lucy has had the opportunity to work with a number of communities across projects with story telling at the centre. These works are often in post industrial landscapes, looking at the fabric which created these communities.

Lucy is interested in the notion of memory, the materiality of memory and the link to environments and identity. She is concerned with how our living identity is informed and how it defines or affects future living. 

Through analysing the act of movement and dwelling, she intends to create environments that encourage an investment of time and a sense of enquiry or promote activity. 

During her studies, Lucy was drawn towards designing for the third age and inclusive design. These themes continued through her MA research and live projects as she connected with VOP Valuing Older People within Manchester City Council, now Age Friendly Manchester. By being consciously aware of people at the centre of design, Lucy continues to engage and be aware of a varied audience.