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Pavement Table / Meet me at the Precinct

Investigating the meanings, value and significance of a place to sit

Pavement table represents a section of Chorlton pavement, riddled with cracks. It is a focal point to sit around.Tables encourage a gathering.

However this table cannot fully serve itís purpose as a functional table, because the cracks have become physical holes in itís surface, forcing you move around the gaps.

It might be daunting to put objects on this table, in the same way that some pavements create challenges for the people who walk across them.
The table was used during Design Lab interactive exhibition, and was in collaboration with VOP valuing Older People in Manchester Council.

The concept of inviting people to sit with us and engage, could be enhanced with a focal point. An invitation to join our table, less intimidating, while being more open and involving of the whole space. It could also act as a conversation starter or a prompt.

The table acted as visual message board, as you could see the collection grow, allowing you to read and respond.

Pavement tablePavement table
Meet me at the PrecinctMeet me at the Precinct