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Alsager - Square

I began by posting the phrase; ‘I’d like to see here…’ to local residents during the public consultation for the new town square. The most popular answer was; ‘…Live music’, which resulted in an overarching theme of performance and the need for the creation of a place that the people of Alsager could use for live events.
My design includes a stacked granite wall seat that encloses a dais, which takes reference from a traditional bandstand. This performance space is further enhanced by a spotlight, which will create a space in the evenings. The seating allows the audience an opportunity to engage and dwell in the space, while three adult trees have been included to enhance the sense of enclosure.
To add an extra level of detail, I worked with 3 schools in Alsager, running workshops to help local children respond visually and create textures, patterns and stories to three chosen words; rhythm, voice and listen. From this process, I produced seven themes, which I translated into bronze elements. These elements have been set into the feature wall/seat, creating tactile integrated art that has a personal connection and narrative for Alsager. The legacy of this design process will only really become apparent when it is occupied and activated by the community.

Concept VisualConcept Visual
Finding the bronzeFinding the bronze
Wax narrativesWax narratives
School workshopSchool workshop
Finishing the bronzeFinishing the bronze
Band standBand stand
Opening eventOpening event
Stacked graniteStacked granite