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Garden of Pooled Talents

Running with themes of the Greening of Sheffield, we created this bold garden in an unused space behind the new Diamond Building. We pushed the original brief and wanted to create a real transformation.

The idea was that the greenery was breaking out of the site, highlighted by the broken perimeter and this garden was being watered by two streams of students, one from the arts and humanities building, the other from the engineering and sciences buildings.

The sculpture takes the form of two giant metal ladles, which you can walk across as a path. They symbolise the pouring of water into the centre of the garden, as well as a nod to Sheffield’s cutlery-making tradition, particularly the craftsmanship of the Little Mesters.

This sculpture garden tries to offer 3 things: A visual spectacle; A journey to a partially secluded interior space; A thought-provoking experience; It is not intended to be an access route between buildings.

The planting was completed in collaboration with Professor Nigel Dunnett and should continue to grow and bed in.

The garden will be unveiled to the public soon.

Nearly thereNearly there
The plantingThe planting
Within the ladleWithin the ladle
Within the ladleWithin the ladle
From aboveFrom above
Concept sketchConcept sketch