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(A) X Circadian Rhythms 2014 -2017

A short body of Creative Writing, Spoken Word and Visual language collated into a variety of artefacts - personal interpretations - fictional and factual perceptions that explore the ethereal thresholds of 'Normality' - Perception and what constitutes Rural Legends and the Mythic - Mythology.

The irrational sequels 'Ploughing' and 'Tales from Gable and Garret' (beyond Bachelard) go digging through the top soil of 'rational' or 'Pastoral Concepts' of 'Home'. - using drawing, surrealism, dreams and Prose.

References Recitals & Locations: The Imperial War Museum (The basement of Bedlam). 'Cement Works' Granville Island ; Vancouver; Gilsons Quarry West Riding.

Outcomes - textual and Visual documents - for archive and exhibition