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Mark Manning

Senior Lecturer
Illustration with Animation

Senior Lecturer : Faculty of Arts and Humanities

Since my first teaching post at Cambridge I have accumulated twenty five years of experience and yet each new academic year I am always rejuvenated by the enthusiasm and receptivity of our students - whom after all, sustain the Art school experience.

I studied BA Fine Art at UCA University and later awarded a full scholarship to do my Masters at the Royal College of Art, Kensington Gore SW7.

My M.A focus was awareness for Ecological and Humanitarian issues. Upon graduation I was employed by the RCA at Kensington Gore for two more years. I worked in London for ten years with Penguin books, Friends of the Earth, The BBC and The United Nations.

I still exhibit regularily and curated work 'in aid of' UNICEF and recently set up shows to raise support for The British Heart Foundation.

My own personal background and my professional experiences have shaped a strong Societal and Humanitarian approach within my own Creative Practice - my teaching content and delivery.

I find fresh perspectives to my teaching from visual research and professional practice. My specialities are interdisciplinary - Drawing, Print and Lens Media - and the wider Material and Philosophical contexts of Material Culture, film, literature, music, philosophy - informing my PHD origins.

Teaching and Education have always been in my DNA and a sincere source of reciprocal enjoyment and deep learning for me.

My academic research and teaching focuses on Drawing and Phenomenological interpretation - promoting humanitarian, societal and historical narratives.

Empathy, based on experiential knowledge is the key to understanding and supporting others - and promoting ideas.

I deliver seminars and workshops across all three years of the IWA programme.
I stress the importance for students of developing self awareness, innovation and idiosyncrasy - seeking a personal voice and 'Authorial Practice' over stylistic imitation.

Though preferring a low profile my work has been recognised Internationally - short listed for prizes and awards over the years - including the RCA M.A Design Departmental School Prize, The Jerwood drawing prize and Young Contemporaries at the ICA and The South Bank Open Painting Prize

My work was purchased for the Permanent '20th Century Print Collection' at the Whitworth Gallery - (a great Honour for me - hailing from the North as I do).

Whitworth Catalogue 20th Century Print Collection
Accession Lot: Manning, Mark (purchased)
Accession number P.22775
Title 'One with Wishes'

Academic External Examiner Posts and Periodic / Validation Panels

I am an experienced External Examiner at B.A and Masters Level in Design and in Fine Art. I have written articles in support of Arts Education for the Independent newspaper and other journals. I am privileged to be invited to work Nationally and Internationally as an academic curriculum advisor in the role of 'Professional Friend' and External Examiner at many UK and European Art Schools:

I act on validation panel review events for support on synergy between studio and contextual learning in curriculum design, I advise on 'holistic Assessment', on student 'expectations and student experience'.

This widening educational experience and externality are important to my own Professional awareness- informing my own teaching practice at Manchester and my wider national and International subject knowledge.

Current External Examiner posts
Academic Consultancy / Exam Board Committee member

1: AUB : BA (Hons) Drawing/ Illustration : Arts University Bournemouth

2: AUB : MA Drawing / Illustration : Arts University Bournemouth

3; The Open University FDA/BA FINE ART @ HE Yorkshire campus Skipton - ending 2018

2018 - 19 Current Validation of new MASTERS for Drawing & Printmaking : Plymouth University


Recent External Examiner FOUR yearly Posts

Birmingham City University BA Fine Art & Design - Interdisciplinary 2012 -2016- ended July 2016

University of the Arts London : 4 years
Camberwell School of Art : Peckham
BA Illustration / Drawing. / Interdisciplinary

(All studio Modules and & Dissertations)
2011 -15 extended - now fulfilled 2015 4 years

University of the Arts London
Chelsea College of Art:
External Examiner Dissertation Reader 2014 -15

Accademia Italia; Rome & Florence:
External Examiner Arts 2014 - 15

UWE Bristol : External Examiner for BA Graphic Arts / Graphic Design ; 4 years


Recent Panel Validations events as a Panel Expert / Reader' 2007 - 15:

Supporting on Assessment - Teaching & Learning - Module and Curricula Design, Research methodologies, Pedagogy. Student Experiences and Expectations

* UAL University of the Arts London, Chelsea MA Graphics panel expert 2008
* UAL Camberwell College for BA and MA Illustration panel expert 2011,
* Cambridge Anglia Ruskin School of Art, Panel Expert 201
* Birmingham BCU , MA FINE ART & Design Interdisciplinary Bourneville Panel

Panel Expert/reader 2013

* University of Plymouth, Full Faculty Reviews 2008 and 2014 panel expert/reader

* Athens (Cambridge Anglia Ruskin) BA Graphic Arts and Interiors Panel expert 2008

* The Open University - Hull Arts University BA Panel expert/reader 2013

* University of Plymouth BA Illustration Panel expert/reader 2015

I was Programme leader for BA Creative Practice prior to stepping down to concentrate on teaching and Drawing delivery.
Before Manchester I taught at Cambridge Ruskin, Derby and
Glasgow School of Art.

Professional Clients and London employment history includes.

Friends of the Earth, Penguin Books, The BBC, United Nations, The Observer
The New Scientist. The Times, The Sunday Times, Pan Macmillan, Random House, Minerva, Chatto & Windus, Secker and Warburg, Hamish Hamilton, Bloodaxe, The Labour Party. The Green Party, Wolf Olins, Fitch RS Design, Conran Design and many other London Clients


(A) Cafe Royal Books: Repro Show.

November 24th–December 16th 2016. Details of Artists in Repro: https://www. Details…

(A) Drawing Interview ( for June Drawing show in aid of UNICEF) June 2016

Question: Do you try to create imagined worlds in your work ? Articulating any creative practice in words is never easy and yet we have to discuss it because it is such a deep and fascinating practice. I honestly find it much easier to talk about other peoples work and discuss my students work than my own output. Details…

(A) E: 1944 The Ardennes 44 series ongoing 1986 to 2018

(A) 44 The Ardennes 44 series ongoing 1986 to 2018 Outcome Format: Visual Document : Portfolio of Prints / Pamphlet / Book / Zine Status Current – ongoing – towards 2018 50 drawings Prints and 40 Cantos. A 20th century Saga Thresholds and the unconscious Inter-dimensional & topographical. Details…

(A) FIELD Matter: 'Whats the Matter

FIELD: Matter ? Whats the Matter - (nonluminous, nonbaryonic components) 2016- 2021 The work may have an involvement with the past - yet the work is born out of knowledge and feeling gained in the present - therefore it is a recording of the present moment and not an echo. Collage and Mixed Media, Duets Drawn Textual Poetics Dark Matter and perceived collisions. Details…

(A) Gatherer (Hunter) - Time & Being 2007 - 2016 - 2019 An Exhibition of Prints, Drawings and Cantos

Visualising our Human-Nature relationship. 'The wound is peopled' ( Harold Pinter ) (Raising funding and in aid of UNICEF) . Details…

(A) Kathode Komik – exhibition November 2015 /17

Kathode Tube / ‘Komik & Kathode’– Illustration exhibition November 15 -16 Co- ordinated and Curated by MM A homage to early to mid 20th century popular culture (Television, Text, Childrens Books, Film, Comics and ) the phenomena of these primary influences on the exhibitors early child memory – colour palette and drawings. A Collaboration between UK Illustration and Art departments and academics, alumni and guests - embracing the QAA 'spirit of reciprocity' and collegiality. Details…

(A) Proust's irremediable solitude 2016- 2018

Texts / Key Reading: Lacan / Derrida /Larkin. Outcome – textual and visual artefacts for display and archive Status Current – 2016 ongoing – towards 2022 This body of Creative Practice is all specific to unique topographies and site specific cultural markers Primary focus for this project - Drawing and Mixed Media - Humanities and Ontology - visualising familial and wider companionship - bond - commitment. Details…

(A) The Hay festival' Pushing the envelope' 2015 -16 curated by Neil Hadfield

Celebrating the Penny Black - Royal Mail http://www.houseofillustration. Details…

(A) X Bundle of His’ 2016 -20

‘Bundle of His’ From The Heart - By Heart The Heart is more than just an electrical system – a visual research project for fundraising and awareness of Heart Matters – in aid of The British Heart Foundation and further afield. Apoptosis (from Ancient Greek "falling off" is a process of programmed cell death that occurs in multicellular organisms. Details…

(A) X Circadian Rhythms 2014 -2017

A short body of Creative Writing, Spoken Word and Visual language collated into a variety of artefacts - personal interpretations - fictional and factual perceptions that explore the ethereal thresholds of 'Normality' - Perception and what constitutes Rural Legends and the Mythic - Mythology. The irrational sequels 'Ploughing' and 'Tales from Gable and Garret' (beyond Bachelard) go digging through the top soil of 'rational' or 'Pastoral Concepts' of 'Home'. Details…

(A) X Falmouth School of Art ; MA & BA Guest Lecture Authorial Practice MA

Text from Falmouth University press release EVENT DETAILS THE FALMOUTH SCHOOL OF ART LECTURES: MACK MANNING Mack Manning is an artist working across a range of media including drawing, painting, photography, and creative writing. With a first degree in Fine Art he studied Design at the Royal College of Art, specialising in ecological drawing, print and poster design. Details…

(A) X Rotovision Handmade BOOK ISBN-13: 978-2888930778

My Visual work and an article feature on my work is featured in this book from Rotovision Details…

(B) 2012: The Magic Theatre

MMU Holden Gallery, Curated by M.Manning Feb 2012 in conjunction with the Illustration two day Illustration Research conference at Manchester Met’ Curated by Des McCannon for more deatils contact the above staff. Details…

(B) Landscape & Memory 2009 UWE Bristol Gallery ( University of West England ), Feb 2009. Curated by M.Manning

. Details…

(B) X Student Expectations Research Paper for The Art Design Media Centre BRIGHTON Research Paper

Academic research PAPER for Alison Crowe at the ADM research Centre in Brighton. Co authored with J. Details…

(B) X The Magic Theatre NORWICH School of Art NUCA, Norwich NUCA Gallery, 2011/12.

. Details…

A: Teaching Project * I N K L I N G: FICTION - Mapping & Graphic Imagination

Create a single sheet A1 'VISUAL DOCUMENT that is an experimental A1 Visual and Textual Bibliography - a visual LIST and a Typographic document of the writers and literature you have used so far - including examples of your own 'Cut up technique writing task. Also include extracts of any evaluative text or even just evaluative sentences ? - reflections on your process or reflective 'Feelings' of the work made so far - Experiment with drawn and 'organic' shapes. Details…

A: Teaching Project : Duets ; Optics Hybrid Project

Duets ; Level 5 Optics Project Juxtaposition image / context / Hybrid / Duet You are asked to create new hybrid images Using two juxtaposing images, one of which should be a photograph of your own ( modern / current ) and the second image should be an 'old' found image - ( or a photo taken by you of an 'old' found image ) this older found image MUST be a minimum of 25 years old consider forming a relationship between both images and why ?. Details…

A: Teaching Project: Creative Writing (Harmony & Friction)

Yr 2 Workshops in text and Image Juxtaposition view LOG here http://designworkshops.blogspot. Details…

Cafe Royal Books: Repro Show.

November 24th–December 16th 2016. Details and Artists https://www. Details…

Research / Teaching and Learning Interests

I have many years of experience within H.E 'Teaching TEAMS - and of writing curriculum design within Arts education. Details…

X Under the Loadstar 2012/13

A series of texts and Image - drawing and short Films - Prose - biographical / Collective narratives - audio and sound . Details…


Mark Manning is a member of the Design Research Group.

A selection of recent research outputs.


in aid of UNICEF visual research outcomes on empathy trust and migrations

Manning, M., 2016. In aid of UNICEF - Drawings and Prints, Etienne Gallery, July and September 2016.

Manning, M., 2015. Royal Mail 175 years anniversary - Pushing the envelope, Hereford College of Arts College Road Campus, Hereford, HR1 1EB 17th April - 1st May 2015 Open: Monday to Friday 9.30am -4.30pm Private View: Thursday 30th April, 7pm House of Illustration 2, Granary Square, King’s Cross, London N1C 4BH 6th May - 16th, May and June 2015.

Manning, M., 2012. The Magic Theatre, MMU Holden Gallery, Feb 2012.

Manning, M., 2012. The Magic Theatre NORWICH School of Art NUCA, Norwich NUCA Gallery, 2011/12.

Manning, M., 2007. Landscape & Memory, UWE Bristol Gallery ( University of West England ), Feb 2009.


Manning, M., 2012. 'Stone Lithography, Prose and Artifacts series " THE GUNNERS DREAM "', Stone Lithography Print set and Creative Prose and Animation, Margaret St Art School, Birmingham City University, 2012/13.

Time and Being 2007

Manning, M., 2009. 'Time & Being Exhibtion Cabinet', A Magic Cabinet of Artists Books and Artefacts, UWE Bristol Gallery ( University of West England ), Feb 2009.


Manning, M., 2015. ''Sun Bear'', Lanugo Press:.

Manning, M., 2012. ''LANUGO FUR' Poetry Selected Works 2102 M.Manning', Lanugo Press.

Internet Publications

Manning, M., 2012. 'Into the Lap of the Land', Log Journal, on main site also.

Journal Articles

Manning, M., 2010. 'The Art of David Newton MA (RCA )', Catalogue, one, 2.