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'SS Argentina' 2013

A public art project, commissioned by AMOCA (the American Museum of Ceramic Art, Pomona, California) for the 'Friendship Forged in Fire: British Ceramics in America' exhibition. The work takes the form of the SS Argentina, a converted troop carrier, which took the first shipment of G.I. war-brides from the UK to the USA in January 1946. The war-brides' stories are told through a collective visual narrative of printed (domestic) ceramic tiles, using archival material and personal anecdotes sourced in the Imperial War Museum archives. The timber sub-structure of the ship was constructed on-site, and the ceramic ship-form assembled as a gallery event/installation, from 2-6 May 2013.

SS Argentina, detailSS Argentina, detail
SS ArgentinaSS Argentina
Printed tilesPrinted tiles