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Professor Stephen Dixon MA(RCA)

Professor of Contemporary Crafts

Professor Stephen Dixon

Stephen Dixon is Professor of Contemporary Crafts at Manchester School of Art, investigating contemporary narratives in ceramics. Specific research interests include the British satirical tradition (in both printmaking and ceramics), commemorative wares and ‘pop’ culture, and the development of socio-political narratives in contemporary ceramics. He is also Crafts Research Group Leader.

His work features in numerous public and private collections, including the Museum of Arts & Design, New York, the British Council, the Crafts Council, the Victoria and Albert Museum, the Royal Museum of Scotland, and the Fine Arts Museum of San Francisco.

Dixon studied Fine Art at the University of Newcastle-upon-Tyne, and Ceramics at the Royal College of Art, graduating in 1986. Early exhibitions in London with Contemporary Applied Arts and the Crafts Council established a reputation for ceramics with a biting political and social satire. Anatol Orient introduced Dixon’s figurative vessels to the U.S.A. in the early nineties, resulting in solo exhibitions at Pro-Art, St. Louis (1993) Garth Clark Gallery, New York (1995) and Nancy Margolis Gallery, New York (1998). Dixon's politically engaged ceramic practice was comprehensively surveyed in a major solo exhibition ‘The Sleep of Reason’, a twenty-year retrospective showcased at Manchester Art Gallery in 2005 and touring the U.K. from March to October of that year.

In 2006 Dixon travelled to Australia to investigate the effects of dislocation on the creation of cultural artefacts, for 'Beyond the Seas', an AHRC funded practice-led research project. This experience provoked a shift away from the ceramic vessel as a vehicle for narrative, towards intervention and installation works such as 'Bush Pantry' (2007), 'Monopoly' (2009) and 'Letters From Tripoli' (2011).
He was awarded the inaugural V&A ceramics studio residency in 2009, where he embarked on a new body of work exploring political portraiture. ('Restoration Series' 2011-2013).

Dixon combines his studio ceramic practice with regular forays into public and community arts;
In 2000 he received an Arts Council Year of the Artist award for ‘Asylum’, a collaborative project with Amnesty International U.K. and Kosovan refugees.
He curated the exhibition '200 Years: Slavery Now' in 2007, exploring issues of contemporary slavery in the year of the Bicentenary of the abolition of the slave trade.
In 2010 he took part in 'the Pol Project' in India, working alongside MIRIAD colleagues to explore issues of sustainability in Dal Ni Pol, Ahmedabad. ('Hero' 2010)
Recent public engagement projects 'Resonance','Resonate' and 'The Lost Boys' have examined commemoration and the material resonance of archives and objects.

Professor Dixon was a Trustee of the Crafts Council from 2009 to 2013, and was a member of the Art and Design sub-panel for HEFCE REF 2014.


'200 Years: Slavery Now' 2007.

A group exhibition, curated by Dixon for the Bluecoat Display Centre, Liverpool, in the year of the Bicentenary of the passing of the parliamentary bill to abolish the slave trade in the UK. Selected artists were asked to respond to the issues surrounding contemporary slavery in all its forms, both local and global, from the commercial exploitation of child labour and migrant workers in the black economy to the trafficking of sex 'workers'into Western Europe. Details…

'21 Countries' 2004

An installation created for the Waterway exhibition space at Imperial War Museum North, Manchester. The work was made in the context of heated political debate and widespread public protest, during the build-up to the invasion of Iraq by the U. Details…

'Asylum' 2000-2005

An Arts Council England Year of the Artist residency project, with Amnesty International UK, working with Kosovan refugees in Cheetham Hill, Manchester. Practical clay workshops running from September 2000 to April 2001 explored the refugees’ experiences of conflict, displacement and relocation through the production of figuratively decorated ceramic tiles and ‘pages’. Details…

'Beyond the Seas', 2006

A research residency at the Jam Factory craft and design studios in Adelaide, Australia, in association with the Here and There (HAT) project. 'Beyond the Seas' examined the effects of dislocation on the production of crafted artefacts, explored through creative practice and the maker's experience. Details…

'Clocking On' 2012-13

'Clocking On' is the outcome of research undertaken within the Cotton Exchange project, which examined the social, cultural and historical legacies of cotton manufacture and trade in North West England and North West India. Cotton Exchange operated within the context of a larger collaborative project, Global Threads, one of the strands of the Cultural Olympiad Project Stories of the World. Details…

'Embedded Narratives' 2008

A research residency at THE LOFT, Mumbai, India (September 2008 and January 2009) examining the Anglo-Indian relationship in both its contemporary and historical manifestations, and exploring the persistence of memory as vested in the crafted object. Stage 1 of the project culminated in the exhibition 'Embedded Narratives' (September 18 -30 2008) which featured works on paper and ceramic, and an installation drawing made in the gallery at THE LOFT. Details…

'Excavate' 2013

During a research residency at the V&A in 2009/10 I was drawn repeatedly to the the museum's extensive collection of ceramic shards, attracted by their incompleteness, and the way that a viewer might re-invent and re-imagine them into a vessel or a sculpture. This idea was developed in the project 'Excavate' at the British Ceramics Biennial in 2013, which was awarded one of the BCB 'Explore' research residency awards. Details…

'Hero' 2010

'Hero' a site-specific sculpture, was created for the Ahmedabad International Arts Festival 2010, in the context of the Pol Project (http://thepolproject.blogspot. Details…

'Inventory' 2011

‘Inventory’ is an installation of nine up-cycled porcelain plates, combining silk-screen and digitally printed ceramic transfers. The piece develops another strand of Dixon’s V&A residency research, exploring the documentary and catalogue materials found in the V&A’s historical archives, and overlaying these with Dixon’s museum drawings, taken mainly from the classical sculpture collections. Details…

'Letters from Tripoli' 2011

'Letters from Tripoli' examined the role of text and object in the ‘reconstruction’ of histories. It questioned how confected artefacts can be combined with historical documents to construct a convincing and evocative visual narrative. Details…

'Monopoly' 2009

Monopoly continues Dixon’s exploration of ceramics as a vehicle for contemporary political narrative, and expands the scope of this enquiry into large-scale public space. Monopoly is located in a tradition of sculptural and conceptual manipulation of industrial ‘readymade’ ceramics, pioneered by Marcel Duchamp (Fountain 1917) and explored in the contemporary practice of Marek Cecula (Porcelain Carpet 2002) and Clare Twomey (Monument 2009), and contributes an additional dimension of socio-political commentary to this enquiry. Details…

'Resonance' 2015.

The touring exhibition 'Resonance' was developed in collaboration with the Staffordshire Museums Strategic Consortium as an artistic response to their collections of First World War artefacts, documents and archives. The exhibition featured new ceramics and installations by Stephen Dixon, with complimentary photography and film by Johnny Magee. Details…

'Resonate' 2015

Resonate was the experimental centre-piece of a multi-media installation at the British Ceramics Biennial 2015, bringing together clay, ceramics, sound and public participation, to commemorate the contribution of the soldiers of North Staffordshire in the Great War of 1914-1918. The monumental clay head was constructed using two tons of Staffordshire Etruria Marl clay, and was loosely based on the head of the winged victory (Nike) figure from the Inter-Allied Victory Medal of 1919, designed by William McMillan R. Details…

'Restoration' Series, 2011-13

The Restoration Series developed from research undertaken during a six month residency in the Victoria & Albert Museum’s ceramics studio (September 2009 to March 2010). Taking the form of a related group of ceramic portrait heads, Restoration Series, adopts the convention of the commemorative portrait bust, to explore issues of fundamental human rights (particularly freedom of expression). Details…

'Savage Indignation' 2004

A solo exhibition of narrative ceramics at Contemporary Applied Arts, London, 17 September to 30 October 2004. This body of work reflects upon the political uncertainties of our times, and invites the questioning of current policies of Western governments, and our assumptions of a moral and cultural superiority. Details…

'SS Argentina' 2013

A public art project, commissioned by AMOCA (the American Museum of Ceramic Art, Pomona, California) for the 'Friendship Forged in Fire: British Ceramics in America' exhibition. The work takes the form of the SS Argentina, a converted troop carrier, which took the first shipment of G. Details…

'The Sleep of Reason' 2005

A major retrospective exhibition of Dixon’s political ceramics, ‘The Sleep of Reason’ provides a (subversive) chronological survey of two decades of controversial political events. Beginning in 1995, at the zenith of Thatcherism, the exhibition charts the development of a personal narrative for figurative ceramics; the heavily modelled box-forms of the early years (culminating in ‘The Levantine Chess Set’ of 1994) giving way more recently to the softer forms and richly printed surfaces of the large ‘oil-can’ vessels (a metaphor for global power-politics). Details…


This Arts Council Reimagine India project brought together artists and organisations from the UK and India (the Clay Foundation, the Harley Foundation, Manchester Metropolitan University, CEPT University Ahmedabad) to design and deliver a multi-media residency project exploring the cultural tensions around India’s rapid urbanization. The project considered the sustainability of traditional crafts practices and processes, from the perspective of Warli painting, one specific example of India’s rich and diverse crafts heritage. Details…

Passchendaele: Mud and Memory

A solo exhibition at The National Memorial Arboretum, Alrewas, 8 July to 19 November 2017, commemorating the 100th anniversary of the Battle of Passchendaele, and focusing on the ability of battlefield objects, artefacts and materials to conjure up a mnemonic resonance of time, place and experience. The Battle of Passchendaele is remembered as one of the most cruel and futile of campaigns, even by the terrible standards of World War 1, fought in the cloying mud of western Flanders. Details…

Refuge: Ropner’s Ghost Ship

An immersive, multi-media installation, incorporating applique textile, light and sound, made in response to the Preston Park Museum collections in collaboration with Alison Welsh.   Refuge takes the ethereal form of a merchant ship, dramatically lit from within, to evoke Teesside’s maritime history and, specifically, the shipbuilding legacy of the Museum’s former owner, Robert Ropner. Details…

The Lost Boys: Remembering the Boy Soldiers of the First World War.

The Lost Boys project was a community engagement project examining the issue of underage soldiers in World War 1, funded by the AHRC/HLF, in conjunction with the 'Voices of War and Peace' public engagement centre. At the outbreak of World War 1, the legal age limit for armed service overseas in the British Army was 19 years, yet by the end of the war an estimated 250,000 underage soldiers between the ages of 14 and 18 had seen active service. Details…



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Pocket Shrine (detail of 'Christ of the Trenches')Column (detail)From your loving sweetheart (detail)The Beautiful Game

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ResonateCompleted installationInstallationResonate: work in progress.

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Badges of honour.Fred Marshall, lithophane.At Heart a Man (detail of individual plate)Postcard portrait of a boy soldierThe Lost Boys remembrance event, 8/11/15

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Rajnagar Mill installation

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SS Argentina

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Restoration; Carl von OssietskyCarl von Ossietsky (detail)Restoration: Carl von Ossietsky

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Janus headFrankenstein Head no. 1Restoration: Aung San Suu Kyi

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Plate 3Plate 2Plate 1

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Letters from Tripoli (detail)

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Installation drawing detailInstallation drawingMaking installation drawing'Soldier' plateUntitled drawingExhibition view

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'Babylon' vessel 2003

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'Fortress' 2005

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'21 Countries' Plate 21 2004'21 Countries' Plate 21 2004 (Detail)'21 Countries' Imperial War Museum North Installation 2004

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Clocking On (installation detail)Clocking On (installation detail)Clocking On (installation detail)

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Restoration: Liu XiaoboLiu Xiaobo (detail)Restoration: Liu Xiaobo

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Letters from Tripoli (cabinet detail)Letters from Tripoli (cabinet detail)Letters from Tripoli (cabinet detail)

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Aung San Suu Kyi, detailAung San Suu Kyi, detail

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'Hero' bicycle with ceramic interventions.

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Battleship (detail of bone china flowers)Monopoly battleship sculptureMonopoly battleship sculpture

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