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3. South Home Town 2015 (with Tony Steyger)

A film about a city on the South coast of England. The Southampton of the imagination is known more for those who have left the city than those who stay. The beautiful mediaeval city has been largely erased by the terrible bombings of World War II; the romance and drama of the flying boats of Imperial Airways, not to mention the Mayflower and Titanic, were about transit, about departures and fugue, the flight from the familiar, and not the cityís people who were left behind.
In the fiftieth year of Southamptonís incarnation as a city, this film seeks to interrogate the uniqueness and spirit of this south home town.
Drifting through the city streets, layers of meaning as well as layers of real and imagined places show through the everyday, It is in these liminal spaces of borderline and uncertainty, of shorelines and pavements, that we begin to make out the myth of our own place.