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Professor Steve Hawley

Professor Emeritus

Professor Steve Hawley

Steve Hawley is an artist who has been working with film and video since 1981, and his work has been shown at video festivals and broadcast worldwide since then. He has been collaborating with Tony Steyger off and on since their video The Science Mix was shown at the Stedelijk and MoMA NY in 1983. His original preoccupation was with language and image, and in 1995 his experimental documentary made with Tony Steyger on artificial languages was broadcast on Channel 4 TV.

More recently his work has looked at new forms of narrative, in such works as Love Under Mercury, his first film for the cinema, which won a prize at the Ann Arbor film festival, and Amen ICA Cinema 2002, a palindromic video which won the prize for most original video at the Vancouver Videopoem festival.

He has explored issues around the impact of new technologies on narrative. Yarn 2011, uses the DVD medium to create a never ending story, and Actor 2013 makes film without a camera by putting the performer in a motion capture suit.

Manchester Time Machine 2012, made with the North West Film Archive is the first ever iPhone app to combine archive film footage and GPS and is part of a project looking at the nature of the city, including Not to Scale 2009 (filmed in a series of model towns). The video installation with Tony Steyger Stranger than Known; South Home Town 2014-15 filmed in Southampton continues this body of work.

Calling Blighty, a project with the North West Film Archive funded by the BFI in conjunction with HOME Manchester unites the descendants of a unique set of films from the second world war with the original films themselves.

He is co-editing a book for Intellect, Imaging the City – art, creative practices and media speculations, for publication 2016.


1. Imaging the City – art, creative practices and media speculations 2016

Co-edited book with Kevin O’Brien, Edward Clift, Graham Cairns. Intellect Books publishing date 2016. Details…

2. Message Home (with Marion Hewitt)2015

Calling Blighty is a series of short films made in 1944-45 of individual servicemen and women in the Far East sending personal messages home to their family and friends. These poignant filmed messages were shown in local cinemas, to the mixed laughter and tears of the specially invited audiences. Details…

3. South Home Town 2015 (with Tony Steyger)

A film about a city on the South coast of England. The Southampton of the imagination is known more for those who have left the city than those who stay. Details…

4. Actor 2013

A work which investigates the narrative possibilities of the motion capture suit, part of an ongoing investigation of the implications of new technologies for meaning in the moving image. The MoCap suit captures an actor’s performance without a camera, into a computer programme, from which both the physical appearance of the character and the camera movements can be later generated by the filmmaker. Details…

5. Manchester Time Machine 2012 (with Marion Hewitt)

This is the world’s first iPhone app to combine archive film with GPS to create a mobile way of accessing film in the location it was shot. This was a three way collaboration between Marion Hewitt, Director of the North West Film Archive, Dr. Details…

6. Yarn 2010

Yarn is the practice based output from a body of enquiry that looks at how new technologies can influence narrative theory and practice. The film uses the DVD medium to present scenes, voiceover and atmos sound at random, to create a kind of 1001 Nights endless narrative, whilst still retaining narrative coherence. Details…


Steve Hawley is a member of:

A selection of recent research outputs.


South Home Town 2015

Hawley, S., Steyger, T., 2015. Stranger than Known; South Home Town, Solent Showcase Gallery, 12/2015 - 1/2015.

Dutton, S., 2014. Possession (II), Lanchester Gallery Coventry, 14/3/2014 - 13/4/2014.

Actor at Bangkok Arts and Cultural Centre

Hawley, S., 2013. Actor, Bangkok Arts and Culltural Centre 2013.

Hawley, S. Shaw, A., 2013. ‘SEAMLESS The Digital in Design’, MAO, National Museum of Design and Architecture Ljubljana, Slovenia,, 19 September to 3 November 2013.

Yarn at Seamless 2013, museum of Design and Architecture Ljubljana

Hawley, S., 2010. Yarn, Australian International Experimental Video Festival, Melbourne 2010.

Not to Scale 2009

Hawley, S., 2009. Not to Scale, Bloc Artspace 2008, Lanchester Gallery Coventry 2009, Istanbul Biennale 2009.


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Book Chapters

Hawley, S., 2016. 'Manchester as a mythical city; reflections in art and locative media'. In Imaging the city; art creative practices media speculations, Intellect.

Internet Publications

Hawley, S., 2015. '"It hasn't gelled: it hasn't taken on". The Family Way in the 1960s.',

Hawley, S., 2013. 'Motion Capture; the inner life of the marionette. featuring Actor 2013', Animation Studies 2.0,

Journal Articles

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Conference Papers

Hawley, S., 2015. 'South Home Town; film and the imaginary city', Brighton Writes, 29/5/2015 - 29/5/2015.

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Video Art, from the Margins to the Mainstream, Tate Britain 2005

Hawley, S., 2005. 'Video Art from the Margins to the Mainstream; the early years', Video Art from the Margins to the Mainstream, Tate Britain, 3rd December 2005.

Other Outputs

Hawley, S., 2007. 'Barnum Effect', HD video installation and single screen piece.

Similar to Nothing 2005 8 min video (with Steve Dutton)Similar to Nothing 2005 8 min video (with Steve Dutton)

Hawley, S., Dutton, S., 2005. 'Similar to Nothing', Art video.

Speech Marks 2004

Hawley, S., 2004. 'Speech Marks', DVD video.

The King of Karanga

Hawley, S., 2004. 'The King of Karanga', One minute art video.

Hawley, S., 2003. 'No Lyn, not on nylon', One minute video 2003 EUROSCREEN 21. Video, part of pan European Euroscreen 21Commissions from 21 artists. Forum of Art, Emmerich, Germany. Fournos Centre Athens, many other venues in Europe. Internet evidence..

Amen ICA Cinema 2002Amen ICA Cinema  2002 10 min videoAmen ICA Cinema 2002 10 min

Hawley, S., 2002. 'Amen ICA Cinema', 10 minute video, funded by Lovebytes (£6000) and the Studio of the North commissioned from open submission as a "digital short"..

Hawley, S., 2001. '5 Palindromic Loops', Video 1 min, projected on Gallery window to be seen in HoxtSquare. Part of curated group screening (50 artists, including Isaac Julien, etc.).

Love Under Mercury 2001 35 min 16mm film

Hawley, S., 2001. 'Love Under Mercury', 35 min 16mm experimental film. Part of an ongoing series ofworks exploring the boundaries between documentary, fiction and pure film..

Hawley, S., 2001. 'Province', Group exhibition with 4 Sheffield & 5 Bilbao artists, exploring the post industrial city. Show quoted in the Guardian discussing opening. Part Funded by British Council Acciones Integradas Scheme (£5,000)..