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Hawley, S., 2001.

Love Under Mercury

Output Type:Other form of assessable output
Brief Description/Editor(s):35 min 16mm experimental film. Part of an ongoing series ofworks exploring the boundaries between documentary, fiction and pure film.
Venue:Rotterdam Film Festival Feb 2001

Screenings, Rotterdam Film Festival Feb 2001 (catalogue), Ann Arbor Film Festival (prizewinner) March 20021 (catalogue), Image Forum Film Festival Tokyo Jun 2001 (catalogue), Dahlonega Int. Film Festival Georgia USA 2001 (catalogue/reviews), Transmediale Berlin 2002 (catalogue). Screened at 10 or so international film festivals, including Rotterdam and the Geneva Image en Mouvement festival, also won Highly Commended award at Ann Arbor Film Festival. Other filmmakers in these festivals highly respected. A couple of international reviews. Funded by the ACE and Yorkshire Arts (20,000).

Love Under Mercury 2001 35 min 16mm filmLove Under Mercury 2001 35 min 16mm film